1900 Marlborough Runabout


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1900 Marlboro Steam 'Runabout'

Given that the Marlboro Automobile & Carriage Company existed for barely three years (1900-1903) it is perhaps surprising that any of the relatively few cars it produced should have survived. The company was founded in the eponymous Massachusetts town by Orrin P Walker, who chose a Mason steam engine to power his chain-driven runabout, which was built in two- and four-seater versions, the latter on a slightly longer wheelbase. By January 1901 around 30 cars had been sold, encouraging Walker to step up production. Stocks of unsold cars built up over the following 18 months and in July 1902 it was announced that the Marlboro plant would close. Walker sold out to the Videx Automobile & Carriage Company but no Videx cars were ever produced and the company folded in 1903.

This ultra-rare early steam automobile was completely restored in the USA prior to its purchase by the current owner in 2011. Finished in two-tone red/black with black leather interior, the car is described as in generally excellent condition and offered with UK import documents. It should be noted that a boiler inspection certificate issued by a competent authority would be required before this vehicle can be used on any public road.