1999 Lotus Elise S1


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European Left Hand Drive
Engine 4 cylinder in-line
Power max 88 KW (120 HP)
Max Torque 166 Nm
Max Speed 202 km/h
Acceleratione 0-100 kph in 5,9 seconds

In August 1993 Lotus Cars was acquired by Autoexpo in Bolzano, owner of the Bugatti Automobili SpA brand, led by Romano Artioli.
The Italian entrepreneur's desire is to restore the Lotus brand to a prestigious position in the production of road sports cars.
This is how the idea to develop a light and minimalist car was born, an uncompromising sports car, far from being comfortable but very near to a true race car.
The lightness and essentiality of the Elise therefore fully reflect the idea of Colin Chapman sport car, with an aluminum-silicon chassis of only 68 kg, with brakes and steering not servo-trained and sitting a few centimeters from the ground in the aluminum body.
No airbags, no seat padding, yet the Elise is a car you never want to get off once you are inside.
The reason? It’s a unique experience.

The engine, a N.A. 1.8 liter, it is able to push the car with a completely unexpected force, with acceleration from 0-100 in 5.9 seconds, a time very close to that of sports with twice the power.
The Mk1 is certainly "rudimentary" for its short wheelbase that make it strongly oversteer, but thanks to its lightness and simplicity the Elise offers the purest experience.

The soul of this machine is highlighted through the essentiality and absolute rigor towards a unique project in the world. A philosophy fully accomplished in a car that distorts the classic valuation fees but is a point of reference for those who understand sports cars.
A niche car for the few willing to pay its price.

- European Car, Lefthand Drive
- Coupon booklet
- Painting in very good condition: no visibile scratches.
- Regularly overhauled and serviced engine
- Instrumentation and interiors in good condition

Headrest, alloy wheels, dark windshield band, right rearview mirror, roll bar, front seats with reg. lumbar, sports front seats, leather steering wheel.
The Elise is a car destined to be appreciated in the coming years.

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