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    100 km / 63 mi
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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Every car enthusiast has at some point dreamed of owning a prototype. The tragedy is that these are often merely shells and, under no circumstances, can they be driven on the road. However, our prototype is different—it is drivable and has only been driven 100 km.
Although Lotus may nowadays be somewhat forgotten, it has always been a very innovative company, never resting on its laurels, even during financial difficulties. This very car was presented at the 1991 Frankfurt Motor Show as a Speedster version of the standard Elan, with chassis code M100, and was also exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show the following year.
The Elan was a total departure from all Lotus heritage, being their first front-wheel drive car. Peter Stevens, the chief designer of the car, crafted a very aerodynamic and modern shape. But the M200 isn't just that—its concept was designed by Julian Thompson, who later became responsible for the Elise at Lotus and the XE at Jaguar. The realization of the car, however, was less glamorous but nonetheless quirky, having been built on a blue Elan that had been returned by a customer.
Thompson designed the car, taking inspiration from older Formula 1 cars such as the Ferrari 312B. The interior, set up by Davis Brisbourne, truly embodies the '90s identity of the car and suits it wonderfully.
It promoted Lotus Active rear-steer, engine Cam-profile Technology, and much more.
The car was initially loaned to the British Automobile Association as a promotional and marketing showcase. It then went up for sale by Silverstone and was bought by Lotus dealer Paul Matty. Subsequently, Olav Glasius, one of the world's most renowned Lotus collectors, acquired the car. It was then sold at Bonhams and is today back on sale.
With an experience reminiscent of a 1960s sports/race car and nothing comparable to it, this unique and drivable prototype is a road-usable concept car of great distinction.

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