1968 Lotus Elan


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Guide price: £30000 - £35000. <ul><li>A full body-off restoration completed in 2017</li><li>Visually the car looks standard but is fitted with desirable upgrades</li><li>Fitted with 26R Type Chassis and 130bhp engine with close-ratio gearbox</li><li>Uprated adjustable suspension and 4-pot front brake callipers</li></ul><p> </p><p> </p><p>Handles like nothing else can...the Lotus Elan. Colin Chapman said... “In producing the latest Lotus Drop-head and Fixed-head Coupé models, my design team set out to combine the outstandingly successful chassis, suspension and handling of the Elan with finely styled bodywork which would add functional good looks to the traditional Lotus handling and safety. We specified the comfort and silence of a luxury saloon... Finally, I demanded even higher standards of safety, quality and reliability than those which have made the Elan famous ...All these objectives have been achieved in the new Lotus Elan S4 and I am proud to offer it for your consideration”.</p><p>“To say that driving the Elan is immense fun is almost an understatement. It is a car which keeps young men young and makes old men younger...” 'Motor'</p><p>The Lotus Elan features a very strong steel backbone chassis on which is mounted, like a saddle, a GRP body. It has 4-wheel disc brakes and independent suspension all round. Power is delivered from the famous Lotus 1558cc Twin Cam engine through a Ford 4-speed gearbox to the rear wheels. This results in a compliant ride and very nimble handling characteristics. The Elan has enjoyed significant success in motorsport since the days it was launched and is evident in large numbers in historic racing. The ‘Special Equipment' version differs by having servo assisted brakes, an SE engine developing 118bhp instead of 105bhp, safety belts, a leather covered steering wheel, knock-on wheels with chrome embellishers, carpeted boot interior, and Special Equipment badges.</p><p>This lovely 'Special Equipment' example is an original UK right-hand-drive variant which has benefited from extensive restoration work that was completed in 2017.The premise of the restoration was to create a truly drivable, fast road, Lotus Elan visually almost indistinguishable from a standard road car. This started with the fitment of a 26R Type chassis, fitted with adjustable shock absorbers and uprated 4-pot front brake calipers. Mechanically the car features a mildly tuned 130bhp, fast-road, Twin Cam engine mated to a Lotus close ratio gearbox, and all this power is effortlessly delivered to the rear wheels with help of a Quaife 3.7 Limited Slip Differential and solid drive shafts.</p><p>Presented with the car is a file documenting the restoration, with detailed invoices and a Letter of Provenance from Lotus.</p><p>This little Elan truly epitomises the Lotus ethos so famously set out by Colin Chapman Handles like nothing else can...the Lotus Elan.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>