1111 Lorraine-Dietrich B3-6

B3/6 torpédo par Grummer


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- Interesting and unusual model
- Sound car
- Mechanically modern for its time
- No reserve

This good looking tourer features, unlike the restored ones, subtle curves that lighten the line and allow it to fully integrate the rounded hood. Interesting and rare, this model was a prestigious car in the 1920s. Lorraine was known for the quality of its engines, with its aviation mechanicals powering brands such as Breguet, Latham, Pothez or Macchi. From 1919 they were designed under the leadership of Marius Barbarou, who also developed the six-cylinder 3.5-liter engine. Very modern with an OHV, its hemispherical combustion chamber and pistons in aluminum, these engines powered a Lorraine to a win in the 1925 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with Bloch and Rossignol as drivers. These cars were better than the 3 liter Bentleys and this tourer is a good example: beautifully preserved, it seems complete with even the side panels to protect against weather and an old plaque on the door announcing the name of the first owner: JM Desbat, Industrial, 143 rue of Paris, Roanne. The car also has a registration number corresponding to the Loire area: 986 CW 42. It is interesting to note that in the records of Jacques Baillon is a bill from Henri Malartre regarding the purchase of a Lorraine B3-6, which is most certainly this car. Beautiful and perfectly authentic, the car deserves a sensitive enthusiast as its next owner.