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Chassis No. 3Y86N400526

Following the 1958 recession and the Edsel debacle, the Ford Motor Company needed a distinctive and profitable model if the Lincoln Division was to survive. A full redesign of the Continental in 1961 ushered in a new era for the luxury marque, introducing a much more compact and clean-sided design for its flagship. The Continental's svelte new appearance received a Bronze Medal from the Industrial Design Institute (IDI) of New York for its striking rear-hinged "suicide" rear doors paired with its pillarless hardtop or impressively engineered power soft top on the convertible. Both models were powered by the characteristically massive 430 cu-in "MEL" V8 carried over from the previous generation, delivering 300 horsepower through a smooth three-speed automatic transmission. The novel-for-its-time four-door convertible, which cost an additional $646 when new, was produced in significantly fewer numbers than the sedan and remains the most highly sought-after variant of the glamorous cruiser.

One of approximately just 3,138 Lincoln Continental Convertibles produced in 1963, this example is finished in stately triple-black specification with a Presidential Black exterior, Black convertible top, and Black leather upholstery. Well appointed, the car is equipped with numerous desirable amenities including power steering and brakes, air conditioning, and a power antenna connected to an upgraded Custom Autosound radio. The car's excellent current condition would seem to indicate that it has lived a life filled with devoted care and modest use. This Lincoln Continental is ready for further enjoyment on the open road or at local shows, where it will no doubt be appreciated for its attractive triple-black specification and timeless Continental design.