1991 Land Rover Range Rover


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    151 000 km / 93 828 mi
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This classic car is for sale on Catawiki. To have more information or to place a bid click on the "BID NOW" button. .1991 Range Rover 3.9 Efi V8 in very good condition.

Petrol engine and manual gearbox. Original Plymouth blue colour, sunroof, heated seats, towbar and many other extras of the time. Everything original and in perfect condition.

Never driven off-road. Reduction gears have never been used. Only 151,000 km travelled by road. Mechanically perfect, new tyres with less than 100 km. Chassis and underbody in perfect condition, rust-free. Original paintwork, just polished.

Protection of the interior with 3 mats. The car has its original Land Rover mats, also grey custom-made ones and, on top, original Range Rover black rubber ones, plus another custom-made in the boot. Original upholstery in perfect condition, with no tears, scuff marks or holes.

The car had some artisanal work done to the stainless steel of the exhaust, had the third section of the muffler replaced to improve its sound, but preserving its original look. The original exhaust section is still available in order to mount it easily and conveniently for the vehicle inspections.

The car was used for the first time in Spain on the Canary Islands and then it was sold in Granada. Later, it was acquired by a car collector who improved it and hardly used it.

The vehicle is in Valencia, Spain.