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Chassis nr. 818650003454
Gearbox Manual 5 Speed
Fiche FIA
FIVA Certificate
Black Original License Plate

The Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato, born during the glorious 60s, is one of Lancia's most seductive cars.
At that time, as happened previously with Appia, Flaminia and Flavia, the brand entrusted Zagato with the creation the Sport variant of the Fulvia.
Thus, the team led by Ercole Spada - head of the design of the Milanese atelier - in 1964 began to elaborate several sketches for Lancia management.
The first project will be refined and modified several times until the following year, when the car makes its public debut.
In addition to the aesthetic customization, one of the particularities of the model is represented by the use of peralluman, an alloy that, unlike duralumin, allows for sheet metal molding.
The Fulvia Sport Zagato, powered by the 1200cc engine with 80 HP has respectable performance. Not long after, a significant change occurs following the unveiling of the Sport 1.3 model, which literally sales immediately. Then in 1968, in parallel with the evolution of the Coupé, the Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato 1.3 S made its debut, while two years later the second series Lancia Fulvia Sport entered the list.
The 1.3S went out of production in 1970 with only 898 cars produced.

- Black leather seats totally restored
- Original Dashboard and dials
- Original steering wheel
- The engine was regularly serviced, running smooth and without any form of oil leak

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