1970 Lancia Fulvia


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    543 km / 338 mi
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Chassis No. 001478
Displacement: 1584 cc
Cylinder: 4
Power: 114 Hp @ 6.000 revs/min
Max Speed: 175 kph
Certificate: RIVS (Italian register for historical vehicles) No. 39315
Italian car with regular papers and documents

La Storia
Designed in 1965 by Piero Castagnero, who was inspired by the Riva boat, the Fulvia Coupé was a sporty sedan with 2 seats plus 2, with an elegant appearance, refined finishes and sports performance.
It was in the second half of the 1960s that Cesare Fiorio, head of the Lancia Racing Department, despite the limited financial resources available, obtained from Fiat the approval to develop the 1300 HF in favor of a sports model with increased performance.
This is how the new Rallye 1.6 HF with 120 hp of power, 5-speed gearbox, racing trim, direct steering and alloy wheels with increased tires sees the light at the Turin Motor Show in 1968.
The last born followed the path traced by the previous versions 1.3 and from them little differed, but with an immediately distinctive element, the two large central front projectors that deserved the nickname "fanalone".
Fiorio & C. succeeded in the achievement and the result of many efforts, would have been the conquest of the International Rally Championship of 1972 with Sandro Munari.

Our Lancia Fulvia HF 1600
Italian car with regular documents and papers.
One of 1258 built between 1969 and 1970.
The car is in excellent condition.
In recent times a total conservative restoration of the bodywork has been completed and no scratches or traces of rust can be seen on the car.
Moldings, writing and larger wheel arch.
The engine has been completely overhauled and some parts replaced or restored to new.
Interior in racing trim with racing seats and Sabelt belts.
Original wooden dashboard, with working dials. Lancia racing steering wheel.
Original rims with new tires.
The car is accompanied by a photo book of the participations in the early 80s, at rallies, time trials and historical re-enactments.

Participation in competitions:
- 1° Rally Tris 57 Siracusa - 22/03/1980
- 26° Coppa Nissena – 1980
- 10° Cronoscalata Monte Bonifato – 1980
- Prima Cronoscalata Cammarata Santa Rosolia (AG) – 1980

This beautiful HF 1600 is now ready for races and historical re-enactments, equipped with a certified rollcage and is able to satisfy even the most attentive of Lancia enthusiasts.
It is possible to view the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.