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    54 414 km / 33 812 mi
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• Only 54,414 original km
• Bianco Saratoga – white - with black leather interior
• Original interior
• Original engine
• Original documents and plates
• Only two owners

In 1963, the car manufacturer Lancia decided to retire the Appia, replacing it with the Fulvia. The car with its classic lines and simple shapes designed by Castagnero and the innovative mechanics by Engineer Antonio Fessia, was produced until 1976 in Chiavasso. The engine with 4 cylinders in narrow V at 12° and the twin-shaft overhead distribution, allowed to reach 138 km/h. All the mechanics were connected to the monocoque bodywork through an auxiliary frame equipped with six silentblocks. The unmistakable feature of this car was the trapezoidal grille, inserted between the two sets of lights. It was immediately appreciated for its comfort, construction quality and road-holding qualities. This last quality convinced Lancia to increase the engine in the coupé version.

In 1967, Lancia added the GT version, equipped with the same engine as the coupé, with displacement increased to 1216 cm3. Power was increased to 80 hp for a top speed of 152 km/h. On this version, with an extra charge, it was possible to request the gear lever on the floor (as for the coupé version). At the beginning of the second half of 1967, the Fulvia GT was increased to 1231 cm3. This was easily recognisable thanks to its enamelled steel frieze with the GT lettering on the radiator grille, the FULVIA GT rear lettering and the horned rims.

The car we offer at auction was produced in 1968 and has only travelled 54,414 km in 52 years. It shows the sporty spirit of its first owner in the choice to order it with the gear lever on the floor – paying an extra charge - so as to enjoy the sporty qualities of this version. The interiors were also chosen with care, not content with the standard ones, but opting for black leather to enhance its qualities of elegance and refinement. This model has been locked in a garage for a long time. The bodywork is intact except for the driver's side door, the interior is absolutely preserved (with the protective plastic still on the door panels) and intact except for some small traces of mould on the uprights and doors. The engine is absolutely in order and needs, like the whole car, a general check because it hasn’t been used for about 7 years. The car has a great collecting value as it is provided with the Italian and original documents and plates of the time.