1966 Lancia Flaminia

Zagato Coachwork, 1 of 150 example built


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- One of only 150 examples built
- Distinctive Zagato Coachwork
- A sublime design, surmounted by the famous double-bubble on its roof
- One of Zagato’s finest designs
- An Extremely Stylish and Sophisticated Italian Sports/GT Car
- Newly registered in 1966 at Lancia Works in Middlesex, UK
- Original and extremely rare right hand drive example! Believed to be only 3 produced.

“The car should be unexcelled for high-speed, long-distance touring in comfort… the quality is of a kind only possible in handmade cars, and to get it you have to be willing to pay. For those who are willing, it offers transportation that is, beyond doubt, in the fabled grand manner.” Road & Track tries a new Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato in November 1960

Among the Italian sports brands of the 1950s, Lancia occupies a special place. Without showing off, the brand had built up an image which managed to mix refinement with luxury and technical innovativeness, and the Flaminia symbolizes all of that.

Presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1958, the Zagato coupe is the most sporting variant and the most exclusive of many versions of the Lancia Flaminia. Four body types had made their appearance by the end of 1958: one two door, four seater body signed by Pininfarina, a cabriolet and a 2 seater Superleggera [lit. Super Light] Touring coupe, and a very sporting coupe built by Zagato, appropriately called the Zagato Sport. This had aluminium bodywork and could reach an amazing top speed of 180km/h with the 119bhp engine.

The Super Sport was produced in 187 examples from 1964 to 1967, and the combination of the revised styling and most powerful engine make this the model of choice for many. Carrozzeria Zagato has been known practically since its founding for designing cars that are either stunningly beautiful, such as the pre-war Alfa Romeo 1750 roadsters, or quirky and challenging to love, such as the early post-war Panoramica cars. Clearly, this Lancia is one of the loveliest faces to come from the renowned Milanese coachworks.

With bodywork by Zagato, it featured a very sleek design, surmounted by the famous double-bubble on its roof. It became the ultimate expression of the brand.


This specific Lancia is a real 2.8 Supersport Zagato. The very first Supersport Zagato’s, te be more precise, the first 37 are 2.8 Sports which have been converted to Supersport examples by the time by Zagato due to the low demand for the sport version.

Body wise these cars have been upgraded as well and the engines are upgraded with larger carburetors.

This specific car, number 52 of the Supersport series has been newly delivered in the UK in 1966. This fact makes the Lancia even more special as it is 1 of most probably 3 examples ever delivered in right hand drive specification.

The original logbook (registration document) starting in 1966 is still with the car.

This logbook shows the owner between 1966 and 1972.

The Lancia was first registered at the 18th. of January 1966 at Lancia Concessionaries LTD/Lancia Works.

The former owner bought the car in 2007. Since then the car has been regularly used and in fases the car has been partly restored.

Due to Lancia’s racing histories and innovative and unconventional technical features, the Lancia Zagato is not only looking as a piece of art but is also driving extremely impressive.

This specific example is a car which gives immediately an invitation to be driven.

It’s a relative simple car to drive. Easy to handle but seriously sportive to drive.

It’s a car which is suitable for sportive trips like a rally or longer distance trips like a holiday.


The lovely bodywork has very well fitted body panels and a good paint finish. It’s a recent paint job resulting in a very nice deep shining paint with no signs of use.

Only the left rear fender shows a very minor imperfection.

The chrome bumpers are in a beautiful / as new condition.

The window surroundings are all original. Beautiful and lightly patinated.

The surrounding of the front windows are the same. In beautiful condition but not brand new.


The interior of the Lancia is in a nice condition. The red leather seats are nice.

The driver seat has been specially made for larger persons.
The carpet is in a nice condition.

The headlining needs some attention as it comes down on some places and has not been made from the original material.

All meters and switches are in perfect condition and are all working.


These very beautiful and capable Lancia’s have recently been discovered in a major way by knowledgeable and sophisticated collectors.

The combination of sure, fast, agile performance, a small quantity artisan build, and timeless beauty have made the Lancia Flaminia Super Sport one of the most sought-after Lancia’s of all time.

This is a very rare and highly desirable example that combines the finest in Lancia chassis engineering with the peerless styling that Zagato was penning at the twilight of the 1950s. The fact that the Zagato is right hand drive makes this car extremely unique.

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