1993 Lancia Delta

Integrale EVO 2


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    25 000 mi / 40 234 km
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This is an exceptionally good and original EVO 2 that remains unmodified and as per factory spec. It was delivered when new through the official Lancia importer in Japan where it remained until import to the UK in 2017. The Japanese Integrales are considered desirable, they tend to be free of corrosion not least of all because salt is not used on their roads in winter. The Integrale was very well maintained by each of its two owners in Japan as recorded in the original stamped service book and detailed in numerous invoices on file.

Following its arrival in the UK the car was dispatched to Integrale specialists Zagato Lancia in London for a full inspection and service. The car was found to be in very good original condition however any item, however minor, requiring attention was addressed as detailed in the invoice on file. The invoice for £3,500 included a full service with drive belt replacement.

The car has seen little use since import with less than 1,000 km being covered since 2017. We purchased the car very recently from a good customer and sent it to a well-known Lancia guru for a further inspection and service. This work included a further belt change. They liked the car very much pronouncing it as “close to perfect”. One of the few cosmetic items letting it down was the worn under bonnet insulation pad. Fortunately, Tand Barrett had one of these in stock and so it was duly replaced.

Today the car presents in excellent order everywhere with a freshness to the detail lacking in most other Integrales. It is very good in all of the usual problem areas and even the driver’s seat bolster, an area very prone to wear, is in great shape. On the road it does not disappoint, driving with a tightness and fluidity that is so indicative of a low mileage well-maintained original car.

I really do love a good Integrale and still remember well, being bowled over by my first drive in one back in 1992, however I rarely buy one as they always tend to disappoint on closer inspection. This example is exactly what you hope to find.