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High Light

One of the few surviving Giardinetta's
Original Roma plates
Interior preserved
Sunroof (soft top)
2 owners from new and in the same family for over 50 years
Known provenance ex Dr. Guido Lamperti

Gianni Lancia didn't like station wagon type cars: in his opinion they were work vehicles
a little rough and that, due to the innate class that has always characterized Lancia, it would have been an affront to produce a similar model.
Despite this, following various requests from various dealers, the car was listed as the Aurelia B53 Giardinetta with Viotti bodywork, which gave rise to the use of the name Giardinetta.
He patented it and also forced a company like Fiat to use the name Giardiniera to call its cars of that period, such as the Topolino.
The birth of the Aurelia and its V6 designed by De Virgilio certainly influenced the development of techniques and the use of lighter materials in motoring: certainly a brand that was ahead of its time and risky with certain choices, which made it famous and still loved today.
53 units should have been produced, almost all dispersed and also on B51 chassis.
Today our B53 is presented with the original interior and in its original livery.
It was restored only once by the well-known expert KCA and used as a reference for another car currently in America.
During processing, the correct color reference was found and thus reproduced.
The wood has been restored and it is curious to see how in the rear windows there is in only one side a quarter window
The car was sold new to a wealthy family who used it for their trips from Rome to Cortina and was therefore exempt from forced labor.
Probably to obtain better performance it was equipped with the Nardi modification with double carburettors.
In the mid-70s it was found, following a report, by the well-known expert Guido Lamperti, who for years held the position of curator of the Lancia Club and considered one of the most famous Lancista enthusiasts in the world.
Dr. Lamperti had the car restored at KCA, at that time certainly one of the world references for the restoration of the Turin brand.
The car looked tired, but absolutely complete, with the changes dictated at the end of the 1950s by the entry into force of the new italians rules (CdS) such as the rear lights.
Another rarity is its roof rack and soft sunroof, which allows for more refreshment in summer.
A unique and rare car, which inspired the American woodies of the 1950s and which today allows it to be invited to every exclusive event and various elegance competitions.
A truly example of 50's italian life style

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