1937 Lancia Aprilia

Langenthal Convertible


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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Lancia Aprilia Langenthal Convertible 1937 RHD
“What a fantastic car!” was what Vincenzo Lancia exclaimed after having test-driven the first development model in 1936. Indeed, connoisseurs agree that the Lancia Aprilia was very modern for its time: monocoque construction, independent suspension on front & rear axle, compact V4 1.350 cc engine with excellent (48 HP) power output, hydraulic braking system, comfortable road behaviour thanks to the use of silent blocs, roomy interior, etc…
Parallel to the berlina, Lancia offered the 39 chassis benefitting from all the above mentioned modern technical features for coachbuilders to produce their own bodywork.
Beside the traditional Italian specialists such as Pinin Farina, Stabilimenti Farina, Bertone, Boneschi, Ghia, Frua, Viotti, etc… , some foreign coachbuilders chose the modernist Aprilia platform as a basis for their creations as well. One of these coachbuilders was the Swiss Carrosserie Langenthal of which this elegant cabriolet with chassis 39-1480 is an attractive example.
Completely restored in Italy by a very well reputed Lancia specialist, this 4-seater Aprilia Convertible was selected to be part of a prestigious Belgian Lancia collection.
A change of plan in the family made that because of Marreyt Classics’ expertise, we were asked to market this rare Lancia Aprilia Langenthal Convertible.
In the past our classic car garage has often been the home for a wide range of Lancia Aprilia models. From the aerodynamic factory Berlina to an extravagant Torino motor show exhibit, from a sporty Mille Miglia barchetta to a practical Giardiniera “Woody”.
Closer inspection not only revealed the high quality standards for the construction of this Swiss coach built Langenthal Convertible but also of the in-depth restoration, which was executed respecting the originality.
Not surprising that the ASI organisation awarded this Lancia with the highest Targa D’Oro qualification.
Our conclusion is that this elegant Lancia Aprilia Langenthal Convertible represents huge value for money for a classic car enthusiast who would like to experience himself why Vincenzo Lancia exclaimed “What a fantastic Car!”.