1953 Lancia Appia


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Lancia Appia Series I Saloon 1953 RHD

When one goes through the specialised litterature everyone seems to agree, not only in the fifties but also today, that the Lancia Appia 1-st series was a small car deserving lots of superlatives.

- Little sister of the Aurelia, simple but with the same degree of engineering refinement.
- High quality despite mass production.
- The Appia body structure was simple but very stiff, which added to the car's outstanding reputation as an indestructible compact car.
- To save weight, the initial run of Appias has aluminium doors, boot lid, rear wings, bonnet and even bumpers, and in this form the car weighted only 820 Kg.
- Simple as the concept and layout of the Appia may seem, the effect was one of Lancia's most reliable and well-engineered models ever.
- The by Vittorio Jano newly designed 1090 cc. Appia engine, using lots of aluminium castings, was perhaps the most compact of all Lancia V4 engines.
- Lancia patented sliding pillar front suspension was retained.
- To achieve a more even weight distribution, the spare wheel and battery were placed in the boot.
- Press and public judged it to be a fine combination of comfort and sporting appeal.
- The Appia had such an impact on the Italian market that several hundred orders were placed before the car's introduction.

No wonder that with this excellent reputation the little Appia was, and still is, a winner!
The Appia saloon participated at the 1954 and 1955 Mille Miglia making this particular car probably one of the most affordable entries to participate at the Historic Mille Miglia (this Lancia Appia already obtained the coveted certification: Mille Miglia Registro) Chassis number C10-2259 was sold new in Switzerland and had only 1, chauffeur driven, lady owner.

My Swiss friend Jean-Pierre, who is a keen Lancia collector, bought this charming Appia many years ago and treated the little saloon to a full top-quality restoration (not often seen on a “entry level” classic car!).

I was very pleased I could add this beautiful Lancia Appia Berlina to our classic car collection, because just looking at her everyone realises that she offers so much value for money and will guarantee her future owner many very nice classic car adventures in the future.

Comes with ancient Swiss registration documents, Proof of import in Belgium & EU, FIVA ID card, FIA & ACI Regularity fiche, Registro Mille Miglia, Lancia Appia Club certificate and a period Uso e Manutenzione handbook.

Price: 35.000 Euro