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Miura - The Lamborghini Icon of the '60s.
"On days like these..." as for instance, we can pretend to have sold twice the famous Miura from "The Italian Job" movie, one among so many others of our hunting list.

The Miura market is showing evidence of a strong value despite a market boiling up and down on many others models and brands.

Not all Miura sellers and Miura buyers are looking to show off publicly, which is why we have been selling 4-7x Miuras per year for years... Off-market sales only. This probably makes us one of the leaders in the Miura market...

We continue to offer the best service in the selection and presentation or consignment sale of Miura.

We offer several models, with a particular approach shared by many collectors preferring private sales rather than broadcasting information about their car throughout the world as some brokers, dealers or auction houses do. The bad effect is to "burn" a specific model by not selling it and to leave an indelible mark on the internet!

With our competence and by taking the necessary time, it is obvious to meet the criteria of collectors since we can assist you in selecting the model adapted to your expectations according to your budget.

Miura is the sport car that revolutionized the aesthetic criterias due to talented designer Marcello Gandini - il Maestro - working at Bertone.

Are you looking for a Concours winner ? restored or not ? selling your Miura ?

We can also lead you to one of the Top marque specialists that can restore the project restoration Miura for you !

Of course, we can also assist you for any kind of Lamborghini model.
We are offering cars worldwide OFF MARKET exclusively.
Our Group is based in NORTH AMERICA & in EUROPE, feel free to inquire.

No timewasters, thanks
PS : Pictures non contractual

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+1 (418) 271-1208