1989 Lamborghini Countach

25th Anniversary


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    22 000 mi / 35 406 km
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n celebration of Lamborghini's twenty-fith anniversary, the latest Countach was unveiled by the company at the 1988 Grand Prix at Monza. What better way to mark the occasion than to release a special edition of their monstrous V12 road car. The 25th Anniversary Countach, although mechanically very similar to the 5000QV, had multiple styling changes which were carried out by Horacio Pagani who updated the Gandini design. These changes included enlargement and extension of the rear 'air-box' intake-ducts was among other refinements undertaken (extending them to a more gradual incline further in-keeping with aerodynamic-streamlining), while the secondary pair of debossed ducts, originally situated further behind them, were brought forward and relocated directly on top, encompassing refashioned fins now running longitudinally rather than transversely, this allowed the airboxes, located behind the radiators to be rotated from a transverse to a longitudinal position, allowing better airflow from the radiators out through the secondary fins.

Additionally, further reconstruction of an already modified engine-bay cover, from a concept consisting of dual-raised sections and tri-ducting, to one that embodies a centre-raised section incorporating dual-ducting become another feature. Various redevelopments to the rear were made; most notably the introduction of a rear bumper extending outwardly from the lower-portion.

The interior had several noteable changes including all new electric seats, power windows, a newly designed steering wheel as well as a more powerful air conditioning system.

This wonderful example has been enjoyed but cherished throughout its entire lifetime and is accompanied by an extensive service history folder containing multiple invoices, MOT's and other documentation. 1 of just 57 RHD cars, the 25th Anniversary Edition was by far one of the most excellent, desirable and highest performing variants of the Countach, the car could reach 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and had an eye watering top speed of 183mph.

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