• Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    3 300 km / 2 051 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
  • Chassisnummer 
  • Motornummer 
  • Lenkung 
    Lenkung rechts
  • Zustand 
  • Markenfarbe außen 
    Rosso Siviglia
  • Innenfarbe 
  • Markenfarbe innen 
    Champagne, cruscotto testa di moro
  • Anzahl der Türen 
  • Zahl der Sitze 
  • Standort
    Vereinigtes Königreich
  • Außenfarbe 
  • Getriebe 
  • Leistung 
    375 BHP / 381 PS / 280 kW
  • Antrieb 
  • Kraftstoff 


One of only 321 produced with only 33 being RHD.

A matching-numbers example

Cherished registration (5000s) included in sale or by separate negotiation.

Chassis number 12645

Engine number 682

Options on car when new

Alpine Stereo

Rear wing Delete

The legendary Miura was always going to be a hard act to follow, so the extent to which its successor eclipsed the greatest of 1960s supercars came as something of a shock to all. The sensation of the 1971 Geneva Salon, the Countach was styled, like its predecessor, by Bertone’s Marcello Gandini. The production version would not be seen for another two years, with deliveries commencing in 1974.

As used in the Miura, Lamborghini’s four-cam V12 engine was retained for the Countach, though this time installed longitudinally. To achieve optimum weight distribution, designer Paolo Stanzani placed the five-speed gearbox ahead of the engine between the seats, and the differential – driven by a shaft passing through the sump – at the rear. The result was a delightful gearchange and a better-balanced car than the Miura. When production began in 1974, the Countach sported an improved spaceframe chassis and the standard 4.0-litre – instead of the prototype’s 5.0-litre – engine. Even with the smaller engine producing ‘only’ 375bhp, the aerodynamically efficient Countach could attain 170mph and, as one would expect, came with racetrack roadholding to match.

The first upgrade appeared in 1978 as the ‘LP400S’, the major changes being confined to the chassis and suspension. A rear aerofoil became available, making the Countach look even more outrageous and, not surprisingly, was the choice of most customers. The Countach’s potentially largest market – the USA – remained closed to it until the arrival of the ’emissions friendly’ LP500S (5000 S) in 1982. Although no more powerful than before, the newcomer’s 4,754cc engine brought with it a useful increase in torque. The final development saw the engine enlarged to 5,167cc and new four-valves-per-cylinder ‘heads adopted for the Countach Quattrovalvole in 1985, the latter’s 300km/h (186mph) top speed making it – at the time – the world’s fastest car.

This Particular Car.

When it was introduced in 1982, the LP5000S (or LP500S dependent on which market) was the third iteration of the Countach, In total, there were only 321 produced with only 33 being RHD, however very few remain as original as this particular car having had only 2 owners from new in which the first original owner had it for over 30 years in Johannesburg SA, the second registered keeper an English gentleman then personally requested the services of the legendary former chief test driver of Lamborghini Valentino Balboni who travelled to Johannesburg with him to inspect the car in which Mr Balboni said it was the very best original untouched Countach he’d ever seen. It was then imported to the UK in 2014 in which Mr Balboni personally oversaw the recommissioning of the car. The original exterior condition as you would expect with a mileage of 3000 is astonishing the same goes for the interior, which is in impeccable condition. Accessible through the upward-opening doors, which was a unique feature at the time and had never been seen in a production car before in this way. We have never seen a Countach that was so neatly cared for on the inside, with stitching so precise and everything functioning so well.

This has to be one of the best RHD examples of the iconic Countach LP5000s in the world today, and represents an excellent investment opportunity.

Complete with original service book, documented history, various invoices and original keys, this poses a great opportunity to own a wonderful and totally original Countach 5000S.

2 Sets of keys

Lamborghini Car cover

Valentino Balboni

Valentino Balboni is a legendary figure in the automotive world, particularly in relation to Lamborghini. He is known for his long-standing association with the company and his significant contributions to Lamborghini’s development and testing processes. Valentino Balboni was Lamborghini’s chief test driver for several decades, and his expertise and passion for driving played a crucial role in shaping the performance and handling characteristics of Lamborghini’s cars.

Balboni joined Lamborghini in 1968 and quickly became the company’s primary test driver. He was instrumental in fine-tuning the driving dynamics of various Lamborghini models, providing crucial feedback to engineers and helping to refine the handling, suspension, and overall driving experience of these high-performance vehicles.

Valentino Balboni’s deep connection with Lamborghini earned him the nickname “Il Drago” (The Dragon) and elevated him to an almost legendary status among car enthusiasts. He was considered an integral part of Lamborghini’s identity and a driving force behind the company’s pursuit of excellence in performance and driving pleasure.

In addition to his work as a test driver, Balboni also had a limited-edition Lamborghini named in his honor—the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni. This special edition rear-wheel-drive Gallardo paid tribute to his dedication and influence on Lamborghini’s vehicles.

Balboni retired from his official role as Lamborghini’s chief test driver in 2008, but his legacy and impact on the company’s vehicles continue to be celebrated by enthusiasts and fans of high-performance cars.

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