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    2 867 km / 1 782 mi
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    Lenkung rechts
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  • Standort
    Vereinigtes Königreich
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Furlonger are delighted to offer this right-hand drive Lamborghini Countach 5000S presented in remarkable condition and showing just 2,867 kilometres from new.

Superseding the LP400S, the Countach 5000S was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1983. The 5000S’ engine has a larger displacement, with a 4.8 litre V12 engine configured with six Weber 45 DCOE carburettors. Although the power output remained the same at 375 horsepower, it was delivered 1,000 rpm earlier than the previous 4.0L engine. The car’s exterior remained unchanged but had some refinements and alterations to its interior specification, including the centre console and repositioning of switchgear.

Chassis no. LA12583 was constructed in June 1983 and optioned with a Nero exterior and Bianco interior, the same specification it wears today. Some 40 years later this example’s condition is a stark reminder of how Countachs would present when nearly new. Remaining in the hands of collectors who have like-mindedly cherished the car and used it sparingly to preserve its originality, this 5000S’ overall presentation is a testament to the careful ownership, regular maintenance, and meticulous storage the car has seen.

Shortly after its initial delivery this Countach 5000S would remain in storage before being shipped to its first custodian who resided in Cyprus. The registered owner of the Countach, Mr. P. Loucaides (or L.P. Loucaides LTD) took delivery of the car in May 1986, and used it sparingly over the course of 3 years. In 1989 a deal was struck between Mr Loucaides and a Mr D. Barnes of Glasgow, Scotland whereby a dual purchase was made for both the Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 he possessed. The purchase has been thoroughly documented within the car’s rich history file, containing the sale agreement, payment remittance and confirmation of receipt letter dated 22/05/1989. Further documentation includes shipping insurance letters, logistics invoices and H. M. Customs clearance from the car’s arrival in the UK.

Since its arrival this 5000S has been routinely maintained, regardless of usage, with no expense spared in the process.

In 2002 a letter written by Valentino Balboni confirms Lamborghini’s production and authenticity of chassis no. LA12583 in right-hand drive specification. This would not be the last time Valentino Balboni would cross paths with this 5000S, as in 2016 Autofficina Bielle di Vigorito Biagio s.n.c. were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive service of the car. An inspection was conducted which followed with a proposal letter from Balboni to wit the client approved nearly €15,000 of work, including replacement of the clutch and tyres. Further, a summary letter was written by Balboni confirming the works completed and concluding that chassis no. LA12583 ‘’still maintains its original features and specifications which makes the car one of the most original and perfectly conserved RHD version, after more than 30 years’’.

Now offered for sale, this Lamborghini Countach 5000S poses an extraordinary opportunity to purchase one of the finest and lowest mileage examples in the world today. Complete with an exceptionally well documented history and comprehensive maintenance record, chassis no. LA12583 is an enticing prospect to those seeking a profoundly rare and increasingly collectible Countach, perfect for the very best of collections.