1969 Jensen FF

-R Supercharged by Jensen International


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    1 500 mi / 2 415 km
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This exceptional Jensen FF R is the product of Jensen International Automotive, a specialist manufacturer backed by Carphone Warehouse founder and Jensen enthusiast, Sir Charles Dunstone, who fully re-engineer and restore an original FF or Interceptor model to the highest standards. This example, the R model, was completed to their highest specification and had a build cost of £332,581, a lot of money but understandable when you study the detail specification.

The original car is completely stripped and rebuilt to the highest standards with the finest updated componentry. It quickly becomes clear on a close study of the coachwork, panel fit and detail trim that the R is finished to a far superior level than the original car. This continues to the interior with the finest leather, carpet and wood veneers. All systems are modernised whilst maintaining a period appearance with the air conditioning, Hifi system incorporating DAB, phone connectivity and Bluetooth, heated seats etc all operating as one would expect of a modern car. Even the headlights are updated to modern LED units whilst retaining the original appearance.

The mechanical specification is impressive, an all-new LSA supercharged 6.2 V8 is fitted, coupled to modern full-time four-wheel drive and a six-speed auto with manual override gearbox. AP Racing have engineered an updated ABS braking system and Jensen International’s own developed adjustable front and independent rear suspension feature. Again, Jensen International have developed their own traction control system along with a limited slip rear differential and open diff to the front. Bespoke aluminium milled 19” alloy rostyle wheels are hand made with the option of summer or all-weather tyres.

On the road it quickly becomes clear how well sorted and rapid this car is. The developed chassis is well up to controlling the 556 bhp and 551 lb/ft of torque resulting in a 180mph top speed and a 0 to 60mph time of 3.7 seconds. Impressively the FF-R is able to return 25 mpg when cruising, roughly double that achievable in the original car! These figures however are unable to express just how well engineered this car feels with none of the rattles, squeaks and fragility one expects of even a well restored normal Jensen.

Jensen International have produced a very limited number of the FF-R model and so this is a very rare opportunity to purchase the ultimate Jensen that has only just been run in. The Jensen FF was a significant vehicle in many ways and is still much loved by many nostalgic enthusiasts. The FF R is the only version that delivers on the dream.