1960 Jaguar XK 150

Beautiful XK 150 3.8 SE DHC , partly restored and upgrated !


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    60 813 km / 37 788 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Chassisnummer 
  • Lenkung 
  • Zustand 
  • Markenfarbe außen 
  • Innenfarbe 
  • Markenfarbe innen 
  • Innenausstattung 
  • Anzahl der Türen 
  • Zahl der Sitze 
  • Standort
  • Außenfarbe 
  • Getriebe 
  • Leistung 
    220 PS / 162 kW / 217 BHP
  • Antrieb 
  • Kraftstoff 


Jaguar XK 150 3.8 Liter Special Equipment, Model S-DHC LHD, Drop-Head

Color original cream, hood black & interior leather black, original bucket seats, gearbox 4-speed manual, with overdrive

Production date March 10, 1960 and April 22, 1960 to Jaguar Cars New York, then sold to its first owner

possibly resold to its second owner in December 1992, June 2007, the Jaguar was bought by the current owner of: "Peters Automobile Individual, 63322 Rödermark" second-hand and has since been in third hands.

To the vehicle itself:

The car was extensively modified and optimized in 2007 by the company Peters Automobile Individual, 63322 Rödermark.

The following work was performed expertly:

300 mm high-performance brake system, ventilated at the front and optimized with girling calipers at the rear

radius arms and panhard rod optmised,

Power steering retrofitted, for very relaxed driving

Axle ratio 3.31: 1 with self-locking Power Lock differential

Special oil cooler, 8 mm Behr high performance cooling network S

peedometer and distance German aligned, by Fa. WMS Darmstadt

The former original 3.8 L engine was replaced (including cooling system) by a 4.2 l engine of the last model series XJ Series 3, 226 DIN horsepower (with three SU double carburetors)

In December 2012, the vehicle went into the care of Linnartz & Peschl in 50996 Cologne and has since the following complete, proven history:

Complete maintenance, overhaul & optimization of body structure, chassis, suspension, stabilizers, engine, clutch & gearbox (countershaft-Simmerringe-clutch-thrust bearing etc.)

In 2016, a complete overhaul of the engine and transmission was carried out for € 23,000 (all documented, including photo documentation)

In the years 2012 to 2018, work on the XK 150 on maintenance and optimization was carried out for a total amount of> 50,000.- €, everything completely documented & all invoices available

According to HU reports, the vehicle drove from June 2009 to 2018 only about 5,000 km

From April to September 2019, following the technical work described at Care Car Cologne, the car was subjected to extensive optical work-up and care for> 2,000.- € (interior, engine compartment, body, soft top, paint and wheels )

The vehicle was as described & occupied, consistently optimized in all its assemblies such as chassis, brake system, engine, power steering, etc. and is thus uncomplicated & "quasi-modern" to use There is no restoration or maintenance jam, on the contrary:

The vehicle is always maintened, it should be on the road to give plesure and could be used like a daily driver on a regular basis, so that all the described work and investments pay off

All documents can be viewed at any time.

The vehicle is sold on behalf of the customer.