1956 Jaguar XK 140


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Italian title

- Well preserved example
- MC version (Special Equipment)
- Power, elegance, enjoyment

Having passed part of its life in Italy, this Jaguar XK 140 roadster was given an ASI certificate on 29 July 1996, following a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration. It has weathered the intervening years well, thanks to the quality of the work carried out. Presented in British Racing Green with biscuit-coloured leather interior, this XK140 is equipped with wire wheels and a hood that is probably original, modified to include a larger rear window thus increasing visibility. The side panels sit in cotton bags, so as not to damage the original Plexiglas. The car is fitted with a Motolita steering wheel, but the original one will be delivered with the car. This example is an " MC " (the American version of the SE, standing for Special Equipment), thus fitted with the 210 bhp version of the 3.4-litre six-cylinder engine, with the C-Type head.
This stunning Jaguar XK140 roadster starred in the Italian magazine Ruotte Classiche in a feature on the Coppa d'Ora delle Dolomiti, in which it took part. Well preserved and carefully maintained, it is ready to set off on other rallies and travels, carried by the exhilarating sound of its powerful engine.