1955 Jaguar XK 140


  • Baujahr 
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    3 825 km / 2 377 mi
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Chassis number S 814005DN
Engine number G1912 -8S
Gearbox number: JLE 25667
Engine: 6 cylinder in-line, 3442 cc
Power 213 hp @ 5750 revs/min
Max Speed 195 Kph
Odometer reading: 2376 miles
Certificate and Statements: ASI no. 7753
Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust (JDHT) no. 13149
"Type C" engine head

New braking system
MilleMiglia Elegible

The History
Launched at the 1954 Motor Show, the XK140 represents the evolution of the XK120, with several mechanical innovations.
Some options previously mounted on the XK120SE model such as the most powerful engine and stiffer torsion bars, become standard on this model.
The exterior has changed little compared to the 120, except for the installation of much heavier bumpers, similar to those of the large MK VII.
The interiors were improved to ensure better habitability for passengers by repositioning the engine, fender and dashboard. However, the new configuration left no room for the battery compartment, which was arranged inside the front fender, making it very difficult to replace.
Another point that distinguishes the XK140 compared to the XK120, are the chrome plating and coats of arms of the central part of the bonnet and trunk, as well as the new cast iron radiator grille with less numerous and thicker slats. A chrome line started from the windshield and ended up queuing in the middle of the trunk door, where a red shield with the words "Winner Le Mans 1951–3" was installed.
The models that had the Type C head, with SUHH6 carburetors 2 inches in diameter and heavy front torsion bars with dual exhaust system, were known in the UK as the XK140 SE, while in the United States as the XK140 MC.
During its 3 short years of production, just over 8,800 Jaguar XK140s were produced.

Imported in 1997 circa, by Grasselli Giancarlo, who bought the car from Manuel Rubio (USA).
Mr. Grasselli, owner of a workshop in Reggio Emilia, decided to restore the car on his own and so he jealously kept the car until about two years ago, when he died. The car was then purchased by Gabriele, Speedcar in Modena, who sold it to Dr. Villani. Villani kept the car for a year circa, until Ruote da Sogno purchased it.
Speedcar made a general restoration/service of the mechanics of the car, although it was still in order: the braking system and instrumentation were also checked and serviced.
Although it is a car from 50s, it has a very clear history and with very few owners. This is a very rare car for a true brand enthusiast.

Fully authentic and rare car, with chassis, engine and gearbox numbers corresponding to Jaguar's Heritage Trust register.
This beautiful XK140SE roadster with left-hand drive, comes in superb condition, finished in a soft cream color, with red leather interior. It is an exceptional example of the Special Equipment - Fixed Head Coupé.
The bodywork has been restored about 10 years ago, to make beautiful Jaguar “cream” painting shine again.
The interiors, perfectly preserved, are the most refined and exclusive you can admire in a car of this level.
The massive use of the briar on the dashboard and on the doors appears almost overflowing, in its splendour of the past. The unmistakable graphics of Smith instrumentation seem to drown embedded in the rich thicknesses of the precious wood of the dashboard.
The two small ashtrays inserted in the upper briar of the dashboard are very refined: one for the driver and one for the passenger. Between the two ashtrays stands out a tiny and elegant rectangular rearview mirror.
The rear seats, of fine craftsmanship, complete the glitz of this sophisticated living room on four wheels.
The engine has been maintained in exceptional storage conditions, with the Type C head capable of developing a power of 210 hp, mated with a 4-gear gearbox for sports performance. Frequent over the years the revisions and fine-tuned of its owner who lovingly took care of its conservation and efficiency.
Original headlights with "J" coat of arms and Lucas fog lights supplied as standard.
Jaguar chrome-beam wheels, original single brake system.
For its beauty and sophistication, this car remains one of the most fascinating iconic models of the last century.

It is possible to view the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.
The car is visible in the Ruote da Sogno showroom.