1952 Jaguar XK 120

SE Roadster


  • Baujahr 
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    Convertible / Roadster
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Serial number S672879
Interesting ‘’Special Equipment’’ version
Matching numbers
Beautiful state of restoration
Generous invoice file
French collection title

This Jaguar XK120 Roadster was put into service in 1952. It is an intresting ‘’Special Equipment’’ version with its 190hp engine and wire wheels. It was acquired by its current owner at the beginning of the 2010’s. A restoration was then undertaken and is particularly well documented by numerous invoices emanating for the most part, from the reputed supplier S.N.G. Barratt. Its white paint was thus carried out in 2014, while the black alpaca soft top and red leather upholstery were restored in 2015. The engine retains its original numbers and underwent a major overhaul, both at the top engine and the bottom in 2014 at EP Mécanique SARL. Today this Jaguar XK120 is presented in a beautiful state of restoration, its bodywork is free from major defects and its interior still looks new. At the wheel, the Jaguar behaves well, its engine is lively and its gearbox shows normal operation. The running gear feels good on the road, only a slight play is noticeable in the steering and would need to be checked. Note that this XK120 was made more reliable by the mounting of an aluminum radiator and an electric fan at the front. We were also able to see the undercarriages of the car, these are in good visual condition, without any trace of corrosion or shock. The car will therefore be sold with a valid technical inspection from February 2021, stipulating only minor play in the steering. Finally, new side screens will be provided to the purchaser.
It is therefore a very nice Jaguar XK120 Roadster that we are presenting for sale today, a very pleasant car to drive and particularly efficient!