1951 Jaguar XK 120



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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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- Unique first series example with desirable aluminium front screen lamps
- Beautifully presented in period-correct Dove Grey over red livery
- Classic and iconic Jaguar XK styling
- Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate available
- Mille Miglia eligible
- Impressive restored condition

The XK120 was unquestionably one of the finest sports cars of its day, as its chassis provided amazing handling and its engine delivered record-breaking top speed.

Factory test driver Ron Sutton drove one to a speed of over 130 mph on a Belgian road, proving that its name was actually an understatement of the car’s performance credentials and it was definitely not a marketing exaggeration.

Jaguar’s 3.4-litre straight-six is perhaps one of the greatest engine designs of all time, and it would prove so successful that the company would retain its basic design for use in their road going cars for nearly 40 years.

This engine is absolutely fabulous and due to the perfect power to weight ratio the car has an amazing performance.

The XK 120 is a car which can be driven on a racetrack but it is also a fantastic car to use for holiday trips. The big engine is great to drive on the highway because it does not produces very high revs at higher speed and is therefore very comfortable, but because of the torque an XK is also a superb car to race around in the mountains, and please believe us. With the beautiful engine/exhaust sound it will 100% give a smile on everybody’s face.


This beautiful Jaguar XK120 OTS Open Two-Seater as officially called in the day – was manufacture on September 10th, 1951.

the car was destined for the US market and was dispatched to Hoffman Motor Car Company in New York three weeks later and has likely remained within the United States for a long time.

The car has been extremely nice restored and is in a condition as it was finished from restoration very recently. It is hard to find signs of use and is probably even nicer then new.

Today, this iconic sports car is beautifully presented with period-correct Dove Grey paintwork over a rich red leather interior.

Under the bonnet one can find the beautiful 3.4-liter XK engine which is combined with a 4-speed transmission.

The grey paintwork suits the sensuous curves of the body extremely nice.

It is 1 of the nicest colors which was originally sprayed at the time on the Jaguar XK.

Due to the wonderful color combination the car presents beautifully.

The bodywork, complete with rear wheel spats, appears very straight with extremely nice panel fitment.

The wheels, painted to match the body and fitted with chrome center caps, add to the streamlined look achieved with the rear wheel spats, and period correct aluminium Lucas driving which are fitted on the front wings of the car.

The former owner of the Jaguar was a gentlemen with an extremely impressive collection. His theme in his collection is simple. QUALITY.

He only wants to have cars with a very high quality. All of his cars have to be ready to be immediately used for trips to Paris. If something is not working it has to be repaired immediately.

Therefore all of his cars including this Jaguar XK 120 are in a unique codition, optically but also technically.

Currently the Jaguar is registered in the United Kingdom but we can assist in the registration proces of most other countries.


The beautiful Red leather interior suits the outside color of Dove Grey very nice.

The entire interior has been period correct with the correct materials restored. The result is outstanding.

It seems that he car has almost not been used since the restoration as one can find no signs of wearing.

The entire dashboard, all meters and clocks are perfectly working and show correct measurements. For example the speedometer is showing the correct speed and does not show a difference.

This interior has been made from a very nice and very soft leather.


This XK120 is well sorted throughout and ready to be enjoyed by its next owner, in spirited open-air drives, touring events, or car shows.

The sound of the car is wonderful. It has a beautiful noise from the exhaust. Sporty but still chique.

The handling of the car is perfect. Steering is direct, shifting is easy and the brakes are responding immediately.

The car drives as it looks. Very very well and correct sorted/restored.

This car offers a great opportunity to acquire an engaging driver’s car that is also beautiful and eligible for various driving events including the Mille Miglia.

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