1948 Jaguar SS

MK IV 2.5


  • Baujahr 
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  • Leistung 
    102 PS / 76 kW / 101 BHP
  • Kraftstoff 


Engine 6 cylinder in-líne
Displacement 2.663 cc
Maximum power 102 HP
Maximum speed 145 km/h
Curb weight 1.600 kg
Coachwork type sedan
Chassis number 53003
Country of origin UK
Number built 6.821
Production span 1945-1949

London Motor Show, October 1935: Swallow Sidecars introduces its 2.5-liter model with the overhead valve engine and synchronized gearbox submitted by the Standard Motor Company. Four years later, the outbreak of the Second World War forces the brand to stop producing cars in order to devote all its resources to the war effort. Even so, the SS would keep on improving the 1940 model, which would appear after the armed conflict. Mechanically, it hardly changed: it was still a 6-cylinder in line –now built by the company – with aluminum pistons, a seven-bearing crankshaft and an overhead camshaft. It displaced 2,664 cc and fed by two SU carburetors delivered 102 hp at 4,600 rpm. It came with a Hardy-Spicer four-speed gearbox (non synchronized 1st) and four large double-shoe Girling brake drums.

Renamed Jaguar not to offend those citizens who, in the words of William Lyons, "did not hold in high esteem" the SS acronym of sinister remembrance, the Coventry brand offered a sedan (saloon in British parlance) with minimal differences with the prewar vehicle. These were the replacement of the double S for a J, the Jaguar name or the engine’s capacity in lilters, besdies spoke wheels with 18 tires and, optionally, Ace covers to simulate disc wheels. The Mark IV naming did not appear in any document produced by the manufacturer until 1964; it designates the cars produced from 1945 to 1948, although it was never used before for those models.

In 1947, Jaguar offered the car with the steering wheel on the left for the American market and added a convertible version (drophead coupe). Only 75 out of 1,757 2.5-liter sedans built from 1945 to 1949 would be exported to countries with left-hand drive, and this is the oldest known in the whole world. First registered in 1948 with its Barcelona license plate, first owner might have been well-known banker Pedro Garriga-Nogués; This Jaguar is a very comfortable car for its time: adjustable steering depth, seats adjustable in height, Clayton heater and ventilation system, defroster and many other features. With its red leather upholstery, its metallic gray paint - both original - and its dazzling Lucas P100L headlights, it is a truly exceptional vehicle.