1966 Jaguar MK II



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- Tailor made for a very serious car enthousiast with 4.0 liter V8 engine
- Only 14.000 kilometers since restoration
- Amazing to drive, amazing to look and amazing to listen to the engine
- Upgraded with a variety of luxurious options which make the MKII a fantastic car to use even on a daily base
- Fitted with airconditioning and electric windows
- Extreme rarity for sale for a small part of the total invested amount of money

Money was not an issue.

When the customer arrived in a place named Soesterberg in Holland to a company called The Roadster Group it became clear that a customer arrived with a unique dream.

A dream which seemed to be impossible but if money is not an issue, nothing is impossible.

The Roadster Group was specialized in making a classic car better than new. The goal of the company was to restore Jaguar MK2’s as perfect as possible and to do a restoration on such a way that the car could be as good in quality perspective as a new car.

From the outside, the Jaguar had to look as classic as when it was newly coming from the factory, but internally the Jaguar had to become a modern car.

Therefore, most Jaguar MKII’s which were upgraded by the Roadster Group were fitted with a more modern Jaguar 4.2 XJ engine but this example not.

The customer who came to the Roadster Group with this specific Jaguar wanted to have it fitted with a V8 engine.

Everything is possible if money is not an issue so all the technique of a new Land Rover Defender 90 V8 anniversary was bought and many parts such as the engine, gearbox and steering parts where installed in this Jaguar MKII.

Technically the entire car has been restored and upgraded but also externally and interior wise the Jaguar has been fully restored and on some parts upgraded.

Since the upgrade / restoration the Jaguar drove only 14.000 kilometers and is therefore in an as new/just restored condition.


We are personally completely in love with this Jaguar MKII. We always like a Jaguar MKII.

A MKII is beautiful and drives very well. It has enough space to carry 4 persons as well as luggage but still drives very sporty.

The look of the Jaguar MKII is in our opinion fabulous. The beautiful shape and the huge amount of chrome make it a beautiful appearance.

But the relative big body and the amount of chrome make the Jaguar MKII an expensive car to restore. It is therefore difficult to find a very nice Jaguar MKII.

On the outside of the Jaguar MKII one cannot see what an amazing car this actually is. Nobody can see that the car is fitted with an absolute amazing V8 engine.

One can only hear it if the car is started or drives away.

During the restoration not only the technical part was important, also the looks were important.

Therefore the entire exterior has been restored on a very high level. Since the restoration the car has been scarcely used on nice weather days and therefore the condition is as just finished from restoration.

The paint has a very nice deep shine. The chrome is absolutely excellent and all windows are without scratches or damages and also in as new condition.

All door fittings are perfect and when a door is opened one can see on the inside of the door that the restoration has been carried out with attention to details.


The interior of the Jaguar is absolutely stunning as well. The Mulberry red leather seats fit the exterior color very well.

All wood (dashboard, door, surrounding is beautiful with a fantastic shine and no damages or difference in color because of the sun.

The leather has not been damaged and is in as new condition even as the carpets.

The interior benefits from a variety of upgrades such as electrical windows, a proper stereo installation and a superb working heating and airconditioning system.


The most impressive part of the Jaguar is most probably the technical part. Fitted with a 4.0 liter V8 engine makes the car extremely fast but more important, it gives the car a beautiful sound and a wonderful road behavior.

The powerful engine is combined with a ZF automatic gearbox which shifts perfectly and has a nice overdrive gear to make the car comfortable on longer trips on the motorway.

The upgrades of this car have resulted in the best MKII we have ever driven with.


As described above, we never drove with a Jaguar MKII which drove so impressively well.

The experience begins with an amazing sound when the car is started. The beautiful V8 sound is like music.

The car can be driven very comfortable and relaxed but if the gas is pushed the car becomes a wulf in sheep clothes.

The handling of a MKII is already very good but due to some adjustments and improvements this specific example is handling even better.

This MKII is absolutely one of a kind. We know how much this car has cost to restore/upgraded. An absolute fortune has been invested. But the result is absolutely amazing.

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