1964 Jaguar MK II

With impressive and very useful upgrades


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- Jaguar MKII with impressive and very useful upgrades
- Restored and upgraded to be used on a daily base
- Serious amount of money invested to bring the car in this special condition
- Beautiful color combination
- From the outside, the Jaguar looks to be a classic Jaguar as when it was newly coming from the factory, but internally it has benefit from impressive upgrades

For mass-produced high-speed transportation in the 1950s, it was difficult to find a finer car than a Jaguar. Until recently, all Jaguar saloons since 1955 have owed a big debt of their elegance, speed, and style to the Jaguar Mk I. But with autocratic co-founder Sir William Lyons designing all his cars (despite being untrained in drafting), his maxim of “Grace, Space, and Pace” found its groove with the updated Mk II.

The Jaguar Mark II was introduced in October 1959 and continued in production until 1967. The MKII was built as a replacement for the 2.4 and 3.4 liter saloon, also known as the MKI.
The MK II was based on the MKI, but the result was different in many ways, both aesthetically and mechanically. Improvements to the design and modern materials resulted in a reduced overall weight. The interior was completely redesigned but retained its luxury and elegance with such amenities as leather and wood veneer.

The attention to detail both inside and outside, only amplified the ambiance of sophistication. Leather seats continued to be standard until 1967 when Jaguar offered it as optional in an effort to reduce the cost of the vehicle.

Under the hood was an XK 6 cylinder engine, the same that had won at LeMans in 1951 and 1953.

The Mark II was an extremely elegant sedan that has been considered the most eye-catching, most compact Jaguar sedan ever. The Mark II featured a larger greenhouse, larger side and rear windows, an updated grille, fitted fog lamps, a wider rear track without the full fender skirts, and standard four-wheel disc brakes.

So respectable was the price/performance ratio of the Mk II that it developed a reputation as the getaway car of choice for numerous British criminals.. and the pursuit vehicle of choice for the UK highway patrol of the time.

The Mk II was the most successful model to date for Jaguar. And, testament to the Mk II’s timeless style, Jaguar used the Mk II’s style as inspiration to produce the 1999-2008 S-Type.


From the outside this Jaguar looks as classic as when it was newly coming from the factory, but the internally it is actually a more modern car.

This car has been impressively restored some years ago in Germany.

During the restoration the former owner decided to seriously upgrade the car. The goal was to have a classic looking car with a modern technique.

A variety of upgrades have been the result of a very impressive and unique car.

The engine has been replaced by a more modern 4.0 liter six cylinder Jaguar engine which is connected to a proper 4 speed automatic gearbox.

The suspension has been re-engineered and the entire interior benefits from upgraded seats which can be automatically set to your requests.

In the rear of the seats one can even find wooden tables with the possibility to put a glass in the beautiful designed table.

The brakes have been seriously upgraded and the car is even fitted with a proper working airconditioning system.

We personally like very much Jaguar MKII’s and use them quite often but this specific car is an extremely well prepared example and probably the best driving example we have ever offered for sale.


Since the impressive restoration, this car has been owned by people with a passion for cars.
One can easily recognize this when the car is inspected. The body of the Jaguar is extremely nice with a beautiful and very nice shining paint.

All doors are fitting excellent with nice gaps even as the bonnet and the boot.

The chrome is in as-new condition.
The chrome is beautiful as new condition as well with just some minor scratches on the door handles.


The interior is another unique part of this Jaguar MKII.
The car is fitted with upgraded Jaguar XJ seats which can be automatically set.

The wooden veneer all around the car (dashbaord, door parts, etc) are in a fresh restored condition and shine very beuatiful. ]]

The car even has extremely high polled sheep carpets which one can sometimes find in the most expensive Rolls-Royces and Bentleys.

The interior of the Mark II is truly a masterpiece with its beautiful walnut veneer dash, plush leather seats, and multiple gauges placed in easy distance from the driver along with a row of toggle switches.

The Jaguar even benefits from a high quality stereo installation which is nice to use in the car. It makes the Jaguar a serious car to drive on a daily bas.


When the key of the Jaguar is turned it becomes immediately clear that this is a drivers car. The engine sounds very nice and healthy and sounds if she wants to be taken out for a long trip.

The car can easily be driven on high speeds and due to the upgraded brakes the car can easily handle high speeds.

The German hands who have restored this car have made it a very special car but also an extremely good car without any typical MKII noises.

The space inside, the way of sitting in the chairs, the looks, but above all the way of driving make the Jaguar one of the greatest saloons to have in a collection.

We have had quite a lot of Jaguar MK2’s but this specific example is a car which is difficult to compare to any others.

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