1962 Jaguar E-Type SI

Flat Floor


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    Convertible / Roadster
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If the 24 Hours of Le Mans were responsible for the E-Type Jaguar, then that Homeric race at the Sarthe circuit is more than justified. Here we have one of the most flexible cars on the market, capable of spinning out in top gear at 10 km per hour or jumping into its 200 km per hour mode with a short press of the accelerator.
A practical touring car, with wide doors and spacious luggage space, but with a sheer beauty that easily defeats the Italians at their own game. '

There are few better summaries of the E-Type's virtues than previous ones. Written by the inimitable John Bolster for Autosport shortly after the car's debut.

The Jaguar E-Type introduced in 3.8-liter form in 1961 caused a sensation when it appeared. While, inevitably, the car's stunning performance and looks made headlines, there was nevertheless much more under the skin of the E-Type.

The design of the newcomer owes much to that of the D-Type, the E-Type would become one of the last major sports cars to be developed directly from this ultimate racing car.

This is a car for the purists looking for a car that still looks as it did when it first left the Browns Lane factory.
The car rolled onto the truck on January 16, 1962 to New York where it was delivered new.

This Flat Floor E-type was completely restored in 2017, both engine and body. An extensive restoration report accompanies the car and tells the full story, illustrated with an extensive photo report. The car was professionally painted in a beautiful Carmen Red color. Not only fully matching, but also with an unseen level of skill, no orange peel or other imperfections in the paint. The interior was also completely overhauled and the leather bucket seats reupholstered with an extremely high-quality full-grain leather.

The engine and technology were also completely rebuilt and this ensures that the characteristic driving characteristics of the early series were fully preserved. It's just a pleasure to drive this legendary piece of automotive history. This car allows you to glide through the landscape in style with the soundtrack of the soft V6 hum in the background. The fantastic Moss gearbox shifts without hesitation.
In short, an ideal car for the most beautiful tour rides or trips.
Enjoy ‘it on the road, and in the evening watch the car from a terrace in the light of the evening sun.
Dolce Vita with an English sauce.