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1961 Jaguar E-type Series 1 'Flat Floor' Roadster
Registration no. 4778 LJ
Chassis no. 850031

"When the E-type was introduced in March 1961, John Filbee - who had already been using a 3.8 Mk2 - wanted one. But even owning several car dealerships did not circumvent the queue and John was resigned to a long wait. Then, by sheer fluke, he saw an open two-seater offered for sale. His enquiry produced a Mr Armour, standing a full 6ft 5in. Clearly, he was having trouble fitting in the car, he had to cant his head to one side when the hood was erected. John had landed his E-type, chassis number 850031, one of the first batch delivered to the franchised dealers." – Jaguar World, October 2004.

John used the E-type (his company car) as a daily driver and was astonished at how far automotive technology had advanced since the Mk2. The E-Type had not been purchased with competition in mind, but after three years ownership John decided to enter it in the hill climb at Great Auclum, a few miles from his home. At the meeting's end he was amazed to learn he had set the 3rd fastest time in the unlimited sports car section! Wondering how he would fare in circuit racing, John entered a race at Mallory Park, driving the E-Type to and from the circuit, and finished 3rd overall.

By this time it was becoming apparent that remaining competitive would involve proper race preparation, which would mean trailering the car to meetings. Already successfully campaigning a Mk2 saloon, race engineer Peter Dodds was recruited to work on John's E-Type. Using Weslake for all engine works, Dodds developed the E-Type over the following years. Modifications were gradual, and at the time of cataloguing John recalled how he used to tow the E-type to meetings using his Aston Martin DB5, which he states made an excellent tow-car despite Newport Pagnell taking a dim view of the practice. The E-type was becoming very quick and John was always at the sharp end against some formidable opposition; indeed, he recalls once beating a Ferrari 275 GTB into 2nd place to win at Silverstone.

When the RAC introduced Modsports in the 1970s, it was obvious that John's already highly developed E-Type would be ideally suited to the new formula. He soon found himself crossing swords with other E-Types driven by the likes of Warren Pearce, John Quick, and John Burbridge. Despite the tough opposition, countless wins piled up. John did not restrict his competition to circuits. Sprints and hill climbs still held an attraction for him, and he was a regular at the Brighton Speed Trials where the E-Type achieved a terminal speed of 138mph on one occasion.

Following an accident at Mallory Park, the E-Type was rebuilt with new engine frames and the body lightened further. By this time, though, John was approaching 40 years of age and so decided to hang up his helmet.

The E-Type was placed in storage, remaining untouched for many years before John decided to restore it. His intention was to return the car to original specification, while at the same time retaining some of the competition modifications. Repairing the damaged wide-angle cylinder head being deemed too expensive, a '3.8' head, which also had been fettled, was pressed back into service and reunited with the original triple SU carburettors, the latter being judged more practical for road use than the racing Webers. The all-synchromesh gearbox was refreshed, and the vented brake discs and four-pot callipers retained. Given the extent of the changes made to the body for Modsports, it is not surprising that Vicarage found the task of restoring it back to original specification a challenge, but in the end they succeeded brilliantly. Some 30+ years on from restoration, this important, early, Series 1, outside bonnet lock E-Type presents in very good to excellent condition, having been in the same ownership since it was five months old. An unrepeatable opportunity to own one of the earliest E-Types made.

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