1951 Jaguar C-Type

| 4.2 Litre


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    1 835 km / 1 141 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Lenkung 
  • Zustand 
  • Metallic 
  • Innenfarbe 
  • Markenfarbe innen 
  • Standort
  • Außenfarbe 
  • Getriebe 
  • Antrieb 
  • Kraftstoff 


Model year: 2021
Engine capacity: 4.200 cc
Service history: Present
Number of keys: 2

Jaguar C-Type Replica

While Jaguar is busy continuing their legendary C-Type, some others were way earlier inspired to build their own version of the Le Mans winning roadster from England. Take Shell Valley for example: the American specialist is known for offering the greatest value for money when it comes to C-Type Replica body kits. The former owner was never impressed by imitation models, until he came across this Jaguar C-Type. In fact, he gave up his Porsche dream to purchase the classic Jag back in 2006!
The absolutely gorgeous, American made Jaguar C-Type Replica on your screen, is a first-class beauty - optically and technically. She sounds incredibly beautiful too! Driving this manual (!) version is something like you’ve never experienced before. It will set you on fire almost literally: check out the spectacular side pipes in the dark!


The bodywork may be relatively new, the chassis isn’t: it dates from September 1951, which means the recreation is basically born in the same year Jaguar won the 24 Hours of Le Mans with their brilliantly build C-Type. Thanks to Shell Valley, we can celebrate the rebirth of this true racing legend with an ultra-smooth 2006 bodywork.
Talking about legends: the former owner is Belgian, but above all a real petrolhead. He showed us a picture of his kitchen at home with a big wall made of glass, to get the perfect view on his garage with a Porsche 964 classic in it back then. Nowadays he can look at his Ferrari 456 GT from Prins while making a nice diner or simply getting some coffee. Because that’s the most recent car he fell for after enjoying a Porsche 911, Jaguar C-Type Replica and classic BMW 850 as well. Once a petrolhead… That this man chooses his cars carefully is proven by the fact he first did a lot of research about C-Type recreations before ultimately ending up at Shell Valley.

Interior & exterior

Shell Valley's Jaguar C-Type distinguishes itself from other C-Type Replicas through very realistic proportions and excellent aerodynamic qualities thanks to a state-of-the-art body. The roadster is totally reinforced with fiberglass matte, resin and chopped glass. All bodies have Kevlar and steel molded into the critical stress points. The exterior includes a beautiful smooth, sandable gelcoat finish.
We get extra nostalgic feelings after seeing the knock-off wire wheels and “British Racing Green” paintwork including start number 17 on the sides + back. We personally love the ceramic chrome side exhausts, tanned leather bucket seats with heavy duty seat belts, “Brooklands” racing screens and the 4-spoke wooden “Moto Lita” steering wheel. Only the smell of pure gasoline is missing... Not for long though.


Here’s some little advice: start the Nebraska mounted Jaguar 4.2 liter 6-cylinder inline engine including rebuild cylinderhead plus 3 Weber carburetors and the party can really begin! The C-Type Recreation shakes, roars and eventually ends up with a big bang after lifting the throttle at high speed. The side exhausts literally sound like fireworks! On top of that the fire can also be seen once the environment is dark - just like a genuine Le Mans racer!
The kind of feeling you get behind the wheel is almost impossible to describe. It’s something you need to experience by yourself to really understand it... To top it all off, the enjoyment is unlimited, unlike the production numbers of the original Jaguar C-Type Continuation. Our Replica has a friendlier price as well. So who will soon be writing history with us?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics