1966 Jaguar

Type E 4,2L coupé Série 1


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Swedish title

- Known history
- In rare original condition
- Best version to drive
- 64,000 km from new
- Only one owner until 2014

This particular Jaguar E-type has a remarkable unbroken ownership since new. 48 years ago, the July 15th, 1966 Elgestad father and son, from the most fashionable neighborhood of Stockholm, Sweden, visited the Jaguar factory to collect a new Jaguar each. The father chose a black Mark X, and his 29 years old son, Dr Pekka Olavi Elgestad, this opalescent dark green E-type. Both these Jaguars have remained in the family's ownership until Dr. Elgestad´s recent death.
With only 64,000 kilometers on the odometer it might be one of the most original 4,2 L fixed head coupés in the world. No accidents, never rusted and with a complete untouched interior, it appears to be the opportunity of getting closed to the feeling of driving an E-type as it felt when it was just leaving the factory. Under the bonnet the engine has never been touched by any polishing machines, something you will never find with restored cars. It has been thoroughly serviced and maintained over the years. And, not so much because of wear but because of its age, a few years ago, Doctor Elgestad ordered a complete restoration of the front and rear suspensions. Bushings, bearings, shock absorbers and brakes were renewed only using original Jaguar parts. The only non original piece under the bonnet seems to be the more effective radiator fan. Since new, the car has also been protected against rust with the Dinol-method.
The 1966 4,2 L E-type is the last and most sorted of the Series 1 E and most surely the best of them all to drive. The chance to find one in this untouched condition will probably never occur again. It has still the delivery paper from Jaguar and HWK 406D, the plate the car got when delivered new.