1968 Iso Grifo

Grifo 7L


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German registration

- Rare 7 L version, with 5-speed manual box
-185,000 spent on restoration
- Amazing performance
- One of the 17 examples

Delivered new at Autobecker, in Düsseldorf, this car was registered on 8 May 1969 in the name of its first owner, Dr. Madaus & Co. It then changed hands twice before being sold in 1974 to a hotelier who kept the car for several years. The current owner told us that during its life the 7 L engine was replaced by a 327 Corvette unit. Five years ago, this car underwent a complete restoration, executed in Germany by Berlinetta Motors: the work totaled185,000 and the invoices are available in a file! A 7 L engine was put back at that time to make it 100% compliant with the original. In superb condition, this red Iso 7 L has black leather upholstery inside, which has been completely redone down to the smallest detail. It is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox, which is extremely rare as only 17 Iso Grifos were ever delivered in this configuration. Automatic transmissions were much more common.
The Iso Grifo is the ultimate evolution of the model designed by Giotto Bizzarrini for Renzo Rivolta, builder of the famous Isetta. A sophisticated chassis, the two men chose, for mechanical reliability, the Corvette engine of 5.3 L. Giugiaro, while at Bertone, designed a stylish and sporty bodywork. The Iso Grifo A3L debuted in 1965 and, although already very fast, it received a 7 L engine, which was even more powerful. It is this extremely rare version that we have the pleasure to offer here.