1958 Grégoire 70.4

Grégoire Sport cabriolet par Chapron


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French registration

- Very rare model
- In the same family for 50 years
- Very well preserved

Leaving the factory in 1958, this Grégoire Sport convertible had only one owner, named Lorton, until 1964. At that time, the car was purchased by Mr Jacques Legrand, who gave the car to his nephew in 1998. Thus, for 50 years, the car has remained in the same family. The records include a hand written letter from J A Grégoire himself, dated 28 October 1986, and addressed to Mr. Jacques Legrand, referring to maintenance work on the car. Technically advanced, the Grégoire Sport reflected the choices of its designer: a rigid structure in light alloy, front wheel drive (which Grégoire was a pioneer of with the Tracta), flat four-cylinder engine equipped with a Constantin supercharger for a max power of 120bhp. Designed by Carlo Delaisse, the bodywork was made by Chapron. But the Grégoire Sport was launched during the difficult Suez crisis, and less than 10 units were ever produced.

Today, this well maintained car features a beautiful body with a paint redone long ago, but which has perfectly withstood the test of time. The stunning red leather upholstery was restored according to the original one. This rare car with a Chapron body, is in indeed in a beautiful condition. We have noticed that the supercharger was missing. Irreplaceable witness of the work of a talented engineer, this car will surely appeal to true automotive enthusiasts.