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Chassis No. DR023053CAL

After World War II America saw a major sports car boom. Some enthusiasts were buying the first MGs, Jaguars, and Porsches coming into the country. Others, like Bill Tritt, built their own. Tritt learned of the new Jet Age material "fiberglass" while working at Douglas Aircraft during the war. Afterward he founded Glasspar in Costa Mesa, California, an innovator in the construction of fiberglass boat hulls. That expertise led to his collaboration with fellow Californian Ken Brooks, who designed a sleek two-seat sports car. Tritt modified Brooks' "Brooks Boxer" prototype, and in 1953 began producing the Glasspar G2 sports car. Glasspar built approximately 10 complete G2 vehicles, including cars for Hollywood stars Gary Cooper and Rosemary Clooney.

Between 1953–55 Glasspar also produced roughly 100 $950 customer kits, including this G2, purchased in 1953 by a Madera, California Chrysler dealer, Emilio Pistoresi. Weighing less than 2,000 lbs, many builders used a Willys four-cylinder or Ford's flathead V8 engine, but Pistoresi's Glasspar is quite unusual in its use of DeSoto's 291 cu-in FireFlite Hemi V8 powerplant producing 160 hp. Like most other G2s, he used a Ford manual transmission and drivetrain. Years later the car remained in the Pistoresi family in disassembled condition until 2010, when it was purchased and restored to its original glory by Gary Hatfield of Hatfield Restorations of Canton, Texas. It earned First in Class at the Santa Fe Concorso in 2016.