1934 Ford V8

V8-40 Torpedo Le Baron


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French title

- Powerful and robust model
- Very good condition
- Enjoyable and easy to drive
- No reserve
- Ex collection André Lecoq

To succeed the Ford A and compete with the six-cylinder Chevrolet, Henry Ford developed a V8 engine that could be produced for a reasonable price. Presented in 1932, the new Ford V8-18 attracted the curiosity of buyers keen to profit from a type of engine usually reserved for more expensive models. Following the first version, Ford launched a more successful evolution, the V8-40, which featured a 3.6-litre engine producing 75 bhp. Different types of factory body were designed by coachbuilders E.T.Gregorie and also, for certain models, Le Baron from Detroit, who was responsible for the version presented here.
This Ford V8 Torpedo had been previously in André Lecoq's collection for a long time. He wanted a car that was easier to handle than his Horch or his Mercedes 500 K on the sinuous roads of Brittany. Discovered with a dealer from Vidauban during the 1970s, this was probably a car assembled in period at the Asnières Ford factory. It was sound, but in need of restoration, which was carried out in the Lecoq workshops, and the car has withstood the test of time remarkably. The first rally that André Lecoq participated in with this car was the "Rallye du Bicentenaire des États-Unis", in 1976, organised, incidentally, by Christian Huet. He subsequently had the opportunity to take part on many other occasions in this Ford V8-40 that offered a great performance and a true robustness, matched with a high level of comfort. With four seats under cover and an uncomplicated and powerful engine, this is an excellent car for rallies, being capable of attacking the hills with ease or sauntering at a leisurely pace along country roads. Well presented, this car has 49,237 km on the odometer.