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Henry Ford was notoriously stubborn and resistant to change. When other manufacturers began to offer more features and power than the Model T, Henry stuck to his guns. However, at some point he had to give in to his sales force and develop a new car: The Model A.

A few years after the Model A's introduction, Ford's competitors had again begun to eat away at sales. To beat the six-cylinder Chevrolet at its own game, Henry introduced the 1932 Ford Model 18, otherwise known as the Ford V-8. The four-cylinder model was updated as the Model B...but history and song has forgotten about the latter.

Not so with the 1927-31 Model A. The 1930-31 Victoria was perhaps the most unique body style of all the Model As. Available with either a steel and rubberized fabric top built by Murray or a canvas top built by Briggs, it was the only Model A to feature auxiliary trunk space.

Purchased by the current vendor in 2005, this Murray-bodied 1931 Victoria was the sub

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