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As the automobile that firmly put North America on wheels, Henry Ford’s Model T stands proudly as one of the most versatile and historically important motor vehicles ever built with over 15 million units being sold over the production run.

The Ford Model T on offer here was previously part of the Schlumpf Reserve Collection. A copy of a document dated April 1965 suggests that the Schlumpfs purchased this Ford from Bugatti in Molsheim, France in February 1965 for the price of 1,000 French francs. The car remained in storage in Malmerspach, France until 2008, when it was acquired by the Mullin Collection. Currently, the Model T is in a partially assembled state, with the engine, gearbox, and rear axle having been installed in non-running condition and partially complete. While the early history of this Model T is unknown, it could be a good candidate for a comprehensive restoration or utilized as a source of parts for an existing project.

*Please note that this vehicle is titled 1922.

*Please note that all of the Lots in this Auction have been in long-term static storage at the Mullin Automotive Museum and may not be currently operational. They will require mechanical attention and in some cases significant restoration prior to any road use.

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