1930 Ford Model A


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1930 Ford Model A Coupé
Registration no. not UK registered

Replacement for the ubiquitous Ford Model T, the Model A went on sale in December 1927. A more complex car than its predecessor, the 'A' was also more powerful, its four-cylinder sidevalve engine producing 40bhp - double the output of the T - which was good enough for a top speed of 65mph. A three-speed sliding gear transmission replaced the T's planetary gears, there was coil-and-battery instead of magneto ignition, and at last there was a brake for each wheel. The T's ungainly styling was abandoned, and the eagerly awaited Model A's up-to-the-minute looks, choice of colours and, needless to say, competitive pricing helped ensure its success. After two years in production the Model A was face-lifted for 1930, receiving wider tyres on smaller-diameter (19") wheels and being mildly re-styled with wider mudguards to achieve a lower, more modern look. Model A sales peaked in 1929 when more than 1.4 million were sold, and production continued until the V8's arrival in 1932 saw Ford's four-cylinder car renamed 'Model B'.

Purchased by the vendors in 2005, this right-hand drive restored Ford Model A Coupé comes with assorted export paperwork and a Pennsylvania Certificate of Title dated 1998 in the name Raymond McCormick.