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"From 1909 to 1927, the Ford Motor Company built more than 15 million Model T cars. Without a doubt, Henry Ford transformed the economic and social fabric of the 20th century with the majority of Americans owning one at one point or another. Body styles were many and varied, the most popular of which were two and five-seater open touring cars; however, a very wide variety of bodies were available over the years including closed cars, vans as well as a number of other commercial body styles. Special bodies and many other parts were available from accessory suppliers so it was possible to convert your Model T car to anything from a 25-seater Charabanc or taxi to a racing car or, indeed, fire engine.
This 1925 Ford is in the guise of a New York fire truck and represents a fascinating piece of social history. This open-cab Model T is certainly well equipped. To the rear of the unit is the hose, search light and water tank with, running along the sides, a set of ladders. Additionally, a correct hickory-handled fire-fighter’s axe can be found to one side with a pike to the other. As you would expect, a large brass fire-bell is available to clear the way! Inside, the seating is in good condition chesterfield-style with the entire unit sitting proudly on artillery wheels. To the rear is an additional wheeled pump to lift water from a hydrant (believed non-functional). Recent works includes new front tyres, an alternator, starter motor as well as a fresh MoT test certificate. This entire unit was also used in Disney’s blockbuster feature film, ‘Dumbo’, the Model T section is now fully functional, registered in the UK and offered for sale without reserve.

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