1974 Ford Capri


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    bucket seat
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Guide price: £0 - £0. <p> </p><ul><li>An exciting barn-find that may well reward further investigation</li><li>Plenty of period race car clues including a welded-in roll cage, large fuel tank with twin fast filler necks, centre console switch panel,</li><li>Needs a total restoration.What an exciting opportunity to restore a potential historic 'Group 1' racer</li><li>Sold 'Strictly as Seen' at 'No Reserve' </li></ul><p> </p><p>The Ford Capri was a dominant force in Saloon Car racing during the early 1970s, driven by legends such as Gordon Spice, Stuart Graham and Brian Muir. Easily adapted and set up for racing, it was a popular choice for the professional and club driver alike. Certain 'names' would come up on a regular basis when 'winning' was being discussed, names like. CC Racing run by Dave Cook and Peter Clark, Neil Brown engines, and Gordon Spice. Fortunately, the performance developments they originated are widely available today.</p><p>This particular Ford Capri was recently discovered by our vendor and looks to be a potentially very exciting barn-find indeed, as the owner believes it to be an ex-Group 1 racing saloon. Apparently, the VIN plate still on the car seems to suggest that it is a 'Ford Motorsport' shell (see attached pic stating sent to unit 2 the motorsport department). From his own research, our vendor believes the car was raced in period during the mid-70s and then registered for road use and has been off the road from 1985 and stored ever since. </p><p>The Capri still retains plenty of period race features including a welded-in roll cage, large fuel tank with twin fast filler necks, centre console switch panel, foot operated headlight dimmer, rare 15" split-rim BBS wheels (one outer rim is damaged but replaceable), uprated brake servo, and remnants of the onboard fire extinguisher system. </p><p>Sold 'strictly as seen' and offered at ‘No Reserve’ this Capri is intriguing barn-find that, with some further investigation by the lucky new owner, may well prove very fruitful indeed. In need of total restoration, but what an exciting opportunity to restore a car that could join the ever expanding historic 'Group 1' racing scene. </p><div><br /></div>