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    Sebring Red
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In the golden days of European Touring Car racing, the manufacturers introduced various homologation specials – cars with near-racing specifications - only to have them on the grid and win the races. One of the most famous cars of such kind is definitely the Ford Capri RS 2600, which in the early 1970s cemented Ford Motorsport's reputation as competition winners. This car was developed on the initiative of Jochen Neerpasch, leader of the competition department and also responsible for Ford's RS department. Ford used a derivative of the well-known V6 engine with a displacement of 2.6 liters. This engine achieved more than 160 bhp and 224 Nm of torque thanks to a long-stroke crankshaft and Kugelfischer injection (but for insurance reasons, the official documents only stated 150 bhp...). Via a manual short ration four-speed gearbox the rear wheels were driven, and the Capri could reach a top speed of 200 kph+. Ford made in total 3532 examples of the RS 2600, and only 1050 of these were "series 1,5" cars just like our example. Since most of these cars were used for races or rallies, well-preserved road vehicles are now as rare as hen's teeth.

This fantastic example was delivered new in France in February 1973 to its proud first owner. Following the identification of the plate, the car is still in exactly the same configuration as it left the factory : produced in the Saarlouis plant in Sebring Red with Scheel bucket seats in original black RS cloth. The Capri is equipped from new with the optional LSD with a differential ratio of 3.09:1 and the engine has the correct Kugelfischer mechanical injection in perfect working order. The body is completely restored a couple of years ago to original specification, including the typically French yellow headlights. The fitted wheels are genuine 7x13 RS wheels, but slightly wider as the original ones (but this is good news for the purists : the original 6x13 RS wheels also come with the car). The twin exhausts provide a magnificent soundtrack, and the V6 engine pulls like you would expect from an homologation special. The completely original interior is all about seventies sportiness, with fantastic Scheel bucket seats trimmed in RS velours, and still with the rare original map reading light. The Capri has now a slightly smaller RS steering wheel fitted, but the factory fitted wheel is also coming with the car. And finally also the original airfilter housing is still present, but at the moment a K&N filter is fitted for better performance.

The Capri RS2600 is enjoying a huge revival in historic racing, with successful entries in many championships, which will only increase the value of this iconic Ford. The opportunity to purchase an original road version of this superb seventies sports car in a similar great condition is unique and we don't think this car will be available for long.

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