1972 Fiat Shelette

- Philippe Starck


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French title
Chassis n° 100GB1593183

- The Shellette of celebrated designer Philippe Starck
- Rare and original car
- Lovely presentation
- Straightforward Fiat 850 engine

The years between 1950 and 1970 saw the emergence of the beach car, destined for wealthy clients living on the Mediterranean coast, or for the owners of yachts. Most of these vehicles, with cut-away sides and no doors, often with simple wicker seats and a removable canvas roof, were built on a Fiat platform. The most famous was the Fiat Jolly, built by Ghia from the Fiat 500 and 600. However, other coachbuilders also got involved, including Giovanni Michelotti. Using a Daf and later a Fiat 850 base, he worked with the yacht designer, Philip Schnell, to create the Shellette. This had a particular shape that made it stand out from other beach cars, and it was more refined and modern. Its production was limited to around 80 examples, making it a very rare car.

The Shellette on offer belongs to the celebrated designer Philippe Starck, confirming its originality and the high quality of its design ! In superb presentation, the car has benefitted form recent work including a full service (engine and gearbox oil change, fuel tank clean, cleaning and adjustment of ignition/carburettor, new clutch). The odometer records 28,475 km, which according to the mechanic who has looked after it, could be the original mileage, given its condition. The yellow coachwork is impeccable, as are the Campagnolo alloy wheels. Inside, the dashboard and wicker seats are well preserved, and ready to take their occupants on a leisurely, sun-filled jaunt ! A rare, fun car of a type that no longer exists, this Shellette has both an original design and an interesting provenance. It will be admired at historic events and concours d'élégances, while continuing to provide enjoyment for those on board !

Photo Nr 1 : copyright Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello