1973 Fiat 500


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1973 – Fiat 500 Giardiniera

French registration as a historic vehicle

Recently overhauled by Atelier 500
Old restauration
Ready to hit the road

As world-famous name, the 500 has made Fiat internationally popular. As famous as the Beetle or the 911, its fame is such that it has reappeared in recent years in the modern form you know it. The very first Fiat Nuova 500 series was presented in Turin in July 1957. It is equipped with a 479cc air-cooled vertical twin-cylinder engine, arranged at the rear, delivering 13 hp. In order to develop its model further, the Turin firm presented two new versions in 1957. The following year, in 1958, Fiat launched a Sport version equipped with an engine increased to 499.5 cc and developing 21 hp! In 1960, the 500 became the 500 D, and a "utility" version was born, the Fiat 500 Giardiniera (Gardener) with a production of 327,000 units.
The little 500 Giardiniera that we present here was first put into circulation in September 1973. Restored at the end of the 2000s, this charming little city dweller was bought by its current owner in 2011. The car had just been completely repainted in black and the upholstery and soft top had been redone. This 500 Giardiniera was regularly driven by its owner for her trips in Paris, and is in good general condition despite some small defects due to the vulnerability of the car. To date, the small 500 is no longer in much use, but in February 2021 it was overhauled at the Atelier 500 in Issy-les-Moulineaux and is now ready to hit the road again. The passenger compartment is clean and the soft top in good condition is perfectly functional. A real summer hit for your Parisian outings or your Sunday strolls in the countryside.