1959 Fiat 500


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    18 795 km / 11 679 mi
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This classic car is for auction at online auction platform Catawiki. Please click here to place a bid an to find more information about this. Fiat 500 N America 1959Extremely rare carItalian documents in orderValid inspectionASI registeredTarga Oro to the highest levelCar also comes with full expertise by the Historic - Cars in MilanFully restored in every partThe car will be also published on March issue of the iconic magazine ‘La Manovella’.There is a minor sign on the bodywork, as shown in photos.A bit of historyAs of December 1957, the 500 cars were also imported into the United States by sea with the Italterra, arousing much curiosity and strong sympathy among the American public, for their small size and the noise of the small twin-cylinder air-cooled engine. Compared to the versions intended for the domestic market and more generally for Europe, the Nuova 500 Normale, Sport, D and Jolly exported to the United States had large front lights, which gave their noses a nice frog-like look, which actually served to comply with the minimum height of the beam required by traffic laws in the United States. Another feature of American headlights was the so-called ‘sealed beam’ construction, i.e. the classic pull-out bulb to which we are accustomed in Europe, but with the body of the headlight itself, obviously of the sealed type, which served as an ampoule with the filament drowned directly in the dish. Also the rear lights changed, which were initially equipped with a support to house the English Lucas lights approved for the USA, then specially built and approved Italian lights. Turn signals were also different and larger. Those in front, round and arranged above the internal ventilation grilles, were also made according to American standards, however, a few years later they also appeared on Italian models with very similar design, but in a different position. In addition to the lights, the "America type" Fiat 500s had other modifications required by American users, such as the speedometer-odometer scale in miles, the inscriptions of the lights in English, and the larger bumpers equipped with overriders in order to withstand small impacts since, even then, drivers overseas used to manoeuvring ‘through pushing’ in parking lots. However, interest soon disappeared and imports ceased in 1961.This car can be viewed in Forli (Italy).Transport can be organised throughout Europe upon request.