1942 Fiat 1500


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The Fiat 1500 A by Carrozzeria Touring was born out of a deal signed shortly after the model was unveiled by Fiat in september 1935 and finalized at the Turin Auto Show on November 9th of the same year.
It was a serious challenged for Touring as the standard model was designed by no other than Mario Revelli di Beumont, one of the most innovative designers of all time. Taking into consideration the laws of aerodynamics, Revelli designed a raked front grille and a flowing shape, which had a strong personality and appeal to customers. However, thanks to the creativity of Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni, Touring's interpretation of the 1500 was radically different and incredibly elegant. Thus maintaining the distinctive front raked nose, the new car had the radiator grilles positioned lower and on the front of the front fenders and had an attractive and curvaceous all aluminium body line. Touring's 1500 also benefited from the new Superleggera construction which was introduced in 1937. Such a technique contemplated the use small diameter steel tubes which were welded on to the chassis and acted as the body-shell main supporting structure. This not only saved weight, but also improved the durability of the car. First sperimented on a few Alfa Romeos it was approved by Fiat to be used on Touring's small run of 1500's. Needless to say, the "Superleggera" construction became a trademark name of Touring and determined its success in the years to come.
A total of 19 Fiat 1500 A's were built until 1940 and around 5 survive to this day. A remarkable and usable pre-war motorcar, this Fiat is a fine example of pre-war Italian coachbuilding style.

Shortly after the unveiling at the Lingotto factory of the new 6 cylinder Fiat 1500 saloon, Carrozzeria Touring of Milan signed a deal with Fiat that authorized the coachbuilding process of this new automobile.