1985 Ferrari Testarossa


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    46 495 km / 28 891 mi
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*Chassis No. ZFFTA17B000058271
*Engine No.00228
*Color: Rosso Corsa (Ferrari Code): FER 300/6
*Production Year: 1985
*Car Origin: Italy
*Certificate of Authenticity
*A.S.I. (Automotoclub Storico Italiano) certificate No. 170087
*Overhauling: regular

Car History
Presented in 1984 at an exclusive event at the Lido in Paris, the Ferrari Testarossa immediately became a magnificent obsession for "Cavallino Rampante" lovers. Designed by the creative genius of Leonardo Fioravanti, the Testarossa embodies, like no other car, the 80s, those of unbridled individualism and Reaganian hedonism, which still continue to influence our present today.
The Testarossa was the first car in the history of the Cavallino without a numerical code.
Legend has it that it was a mechanic, who had some red paint left over, who painted the tappet cover of a 1957 250 Sport in this color, thus giving way to a myth in the history of motoring.
Another curiosity... the engine of the Testarossa was the first Ferrari road V12 with 4 valves per cylinder created by the Maranello company, but if there is something that strongly identifies this car, it is its unmistakable side with horizontal bands that run through it for good part of its length.
Low, wide and wonderfully eye-catching, the Testarossa has been hailed as one of Ferrari's definitive Gran Turismo. Powered by a 5.0-liter 180-degree V-12 producing 390 hp, the engine was able to thrill any driver with its top speed close to 300 km/h and a time of under six seconds accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h, performance which today no longer impresses, but which in the 80s were certainly stunning.
Today the most sought after Testarossa by collectors are certainly the "Flying Mirror" and "Single Nut" (Monodado), but with European specifications.
Thanks to its brilliant style and extraordinary performance, the Testarossa still remains an icon of style and power, one of the most famous and recognizable Ferraris ever built.

Our Ferrari Testarossa
This Ferrari Testarossa was delivered new on 25/09/1985 to the ErreBi Auto Spa of Pisa.
The car has changed owners three times in its life and has recently undergone a thorough overhaul and today it is in excellent condition, without worn out parts.
The first thing that strikes you is the idea of ​​space in the passenger compartment, even if access is not exactly easy, but the seat is comfortable thanks to the extended headrest, but any driver quickly forgets these trifles after a few kilometers. .
The black leather dashboard leaning against the windscreen gives a great sense of brightness and the view is also excellent. The elegant detachment with the yellow leather of the seats and doors only adds to the already superb class of this legendary car.

The Test on the road
The road test of our 1985 Ferrari Testarossa is something that you will not forget so easy.
When you turn the key, the engine starts with reassuring readiness.
With all that torque, you hardly need to press the accelerator, just pick up the engine speed just above the minimum and release the clutch to the hitch point to start. The steering at maneuvering speed is strangely heavy, but as you increase the pace it gradually lightens
After the initial concert of the exhausts on ignition, our Testarossa becomes more civil, settling at a fast but relaxed pace and a rather low rpm.
The car is very easy to drive, you just have to remember that the rear is much wider than the front, but this Testarossa is truly spectacular, exactly like thirty-five ago, ready to give incredible satisfaction to the next, very lucky owner.
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