1985 Ferrari Testarossa


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1985 Ferrari Testarossa Coupé
Coachwork by Pininfarina
Registration no. not UK registered
Chassis no. ZFFSA17A3F0058267

Ferrari's flagship model, the Testarossa supercar revived a famous name from the Italian company's past when it arrived in 1984. A 'next generation' Berlinetta Boxer, the Testarossa retained its predecessor's amidships-mounted, 5.0-litre, flat-12 engine, which now boasted a maximum power output raised to 380bhp at 6,300rpm courtesy of four-valve cylinder heads. Despite the power increase, smoothness and driveability were enhanced, the car possessing excellent top gear flexibility allied to a maximum speed of 180mph.

Rivalling Lamborghini's Countach for presence, the Pininfarina-designed Testarossa succeeded brilliantly, the gill slats feeding air to its side-mounted radiators being one of the modern era's most instantly recognisable – and copied - styling devices. A larger car than the 512BB - the increase in width being necessary to accommodate wider tyres - the Testarossa managed the trick of combining high downforce with a low coefficient of drag, its graceful body being notable for the absence of extraneous spoilers and other such devices. Despite the increase in size over the 512BB, the Testarossa was lighter than its predecessor, the body - its steel doors and roof excepted - being, somewhat unusually for a production Ferrari, of aluminium. Luxury touches in the well-equipped cabin included air conditioning, electrically adjustable seats, tilting steering wheel and plentiful leather. Unlike some of its rivals, the Testarossa possessed light controls and was relatively easy to drive, factors which, allied to its outstanding performance and stunning looks, contributed to an instant and sustained high level of demand.

An early monospecchio (single mirror) model, this low-mileage example of the legendary Italian supercar was originally owned by veteran Hollywood actor Tom Selleck, best known for his starring roles in the television series 'Magnum PI' and the motion picture 'Three Men and a Baby'. Un-restored and still in its factory-original colour scheme, the Testarossa is said to be original except for its Speedline alloy wheels.

In 2009 the Ferrari was imported into Finland and has seen little use since its arrival in that country. A major service was carried out in June 2015 (at 17,800 miles) by the official Ferrari service agent in Finland, including changing the timing belts and much more besides. The related bill for circa €14,000 is on file and the car also comes with a US Certificate of Title and a quantity of earlier service bills from US specialists.