1984 Ferrari Testarossa



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French registration title

- Original service books
- Only 15000Km on the odometer
- Beautiful color combination

Following on from the 512 BB, the Testarossa was an even more highly-developed rendering of the line of mid-engined berlinettas started by Ferrari with the 365 GT4 BB. Beneath the bodywork designed by Pininfarina, this model continued with the flat 12-cylinder engine mounted above the gearbox, as already seen in previous versions. A number of improvements, such as the cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder, increased the power to 390 bhp. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km in 5.3 secs and with a top speed of 290 kph, the Testarossa boasted a level of performance only matched by a tiny handful of exotic supercars. The model’s exceptional qualities ensured that demand for it was high and more than 7 000 were sold. This being one of the most impressive belinettas ever produced by Maranello, a Testarossa in such outstanding condition and with such a reasonable estimated price represents an opportunity not to be missed.

The Ferrari Testarossa we propose has been registered for the first time in Italy the 19th July 1990. With only 15,000 kilometers on the odometer, this Ferrari Testarossa is in stunning conditions. With a Rosso Corsa body associated to a beautiful two-tone carpet and leather interior, it is a rare color combination. Leather seats and dashboard are in perfect preservation condition, mostly due to a recent detailing. On the mechanical side, the belt drive has been replaced in 2013 when the car showed 13,626 kilometers on the odometer. Last April, the ignition coil has been replaced and an engine drain has been done thanks to the Ferrari specialist Colombo Challenge. This Testarossa will be sold with his original service books and his certificate of conformity delivered in 2015. With only 15000 kilometers on the odometer, it is a very rare specimen, and an interesting opportunity to buy one the most important car made in Maranello.