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The final Mondial evolution was 1989's Mondial T (Coupe and Cabriolet). It was a substantially changed model, "spearhead of a new generation of V8 Ferraris", according to Road & Track magazine. It was visually different from preceding Mondial models, the most recognisable being the redesign of the air intakes to a smaller, neater rectangular shape. Additionally, the door-handles were of a visually different design and the bumpers became body coloured.
The 'T' called attention to the car's new engine/transmission layout: the previously-transverse engine was now mounted longitudinally.
In the early 2000s we were asked to prepare this Mondial for track work. A roll cage was fitted and brakes and suspension were upgraded. A perhaps unusual trackcar choice, the Mondial offered our very tall client plenty of room in the car, added to by use of the Valeo gearbox meant no need for a clutch. In 2015 we were approached by the same long-standing customer, looking to call on our expertise and create something immensely capable, but this time more powerful, to continue to use as a track car (although it had been used sparingly for trackwork).

Weighing in at 1400kg, the underlying 208bhp 3.2 litre V8 was dismissed as a powerplant. The notion of adding an F40 engine had been considered but it was felt the Valeo gearbox would not keep up. Seeking a little more capable powertrain, we sourced…an F430 Challenge car. The Mondial was stripped of its engine and gearbox. Alongside it, we removed the engine and gearbox from a sourced F430 Challenge car, mating both to the now strengthened Mondial rear subframe. The previously upgraded 355 brakes were retained and the car benefits from a plumbed in fire-extinguisher. The only visual tell on the outside being the 575 alloys to conceal the bigger brakes.
‘Lupo Vestito da Pecora’ or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, this Mondial is now powered by the 483hp, 343lb ft 4.3l V8 from the F430 Challenge. The centre console features new switchgear, push-button start, power cut off switch and Reverse gear selector. Suspension settings are alongside external release buttons and a separate fuel gauge. Maintaining its road car options, the car still features a Pioneer head unit and electric windows. The digital dash is carried over from the race car, with the gearbox paddles behind the Sparco steering wheel.
Completed at a huge total cost the car has since seen limited use due to family commitments of the owner. This Mondial presents an incredible opportunity to purchase a road legal F430 Challenge car, available to view at our showrooms just outside London immediately.

Please refer to our main website www.dke.co.uk for full details, additional photos, our terms of sale and accurate pricing as some websites may use out of date currency exchange rates: https://www.dkeng.co.uk/ferrari-sales/1069/prestige_cars/ferrari_mondial.html